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Enterprise Communications

Whatsapp Monetisation Plan delayed until May

Recent coverage of a new privacy policy for Facebook’s messaging colossus Whatsapp recently led to something of a digital exodus as users, egged on by Elon Musk and others, moved to alternate OTT providers in droves. As an apparent result, this week, Facebook has announced a climbdown, delaying its plans…
Sam Hill
January 21, 2021
Enterprise Communications

Trust the wholesale market to innovate in a crisis…

First there was commodification. Now there’s Covid. Times are changing for industry wholesalers. The market is evolving and maybe times of crisis bring out the best in the ecosystem’s most entrepreneurial players. Ahead of MEF Connects Wholesale in October, we explore the challenges and the opportunities… Telco wholesalers are in…
Sam Hill
September 14, 2020