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Infographic: Understanding the revised PSD2

The EU’s Payment Services Directive (PSD2) gets an update in September with the introduction of new Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements. Here MEF Member JT International share a handy infographic to remind us of the background to the PSD2 and what the new updates mean for businesses.
Sam Hill
July 22, 2019

mHealth apps – are they secure? [infographic]

55 percent of consumers expect their mobile health apps to be hacked within the next six months, according to a recent report from Arxan Technologies. Executive IT leaders (48%) who have oversight or insight into the security of the mobile healthcare and produce apps also share the same concerns.
April 4, 2016
m-commerceMobile Payments

China’s FinTech revolution [infographic]

In 1997, Bill Gates said, “We need banking but we don’t need banks.” In other words its the FinTech services that support the ways in which consumers and businesses transact that are paving the way forward. For most, mobile devices are the centrepiece of the disruption and with that disruption,…
March 15, 2016
MEF Asia

Mobile payments in China [infographic]

With a huge addressable domestic market and high smartphone penetration, consumers in China have embraced mobile payments and mobile money. As a result fintech investment is following with VCs keen to identify and support the startups that are bringing new ways to pay to market. This infographic from Bob's Guide…
March 7, 2016
Mobile Payments

Mobile is disrupting financial services [infographic]

Beyond money, mobile is disrupting the financial services sector. According to this infographic from technology services company Usablenet , consumers are increasingly habituated to performing all sorts of secondary tasks, from setting up insurance to paying bills and personal financial goal planning.
Sam Hill
March 1, 2016

Mobile money in Mexico [infographic]

Globally, mobile financial services are becoming the preferred way for consumers to perform an array of financial services or simply interact with their bank. This trend is particularly true of growth markets where mobile is the catalyst for financial inclusion. This infographic from Amdocs and Ovum explores how and to…
Tim Banks
February 8, 2016