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Guest blog

Safeguarding Brands with Transparency and Anti-Fraud Measures

In this guest post, Candela Tagliabue, Product Marketing Analyst at Smadex shares details of a new whitepaper, created in collaboration with MCP insight, that offers vital insights into combating fraud and maintaining transparency. Dive in to learn about common fraud tactics and best practices for staying secure. In today’s digital…
Sam Hill
April 4, 2024
Guest blog

A Comprehensive Blueprint to Prevent SMS Pumping

In this guest post, Azat Eloyan, Chief Marketing Officer at Dexatel, explains the issue of SMS pumping – what is it, why is it a problem and how can the mobile ecosystem address it. Technological advancements have made it easier to automate the sending of mass messages, which—when you think…
Sam Hill
March 13, 2024
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The UK’s MEF Registry launches in Ireland and Singapore – significantly reducing the impact of Smishing & Spoofing by SMS

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s SMS Protection Registry, which was developed and piloted in the UK, is now being launched in Ireland and Singapore. The Registry significantly reduces the impact of Smishing & Spoofing by SMS. In the UK, many major banks and Government brands are currently being protected with 352…
Sam Hill
September 8, 2021
Enterprise Communications

Fraudulent messaging traffic is not acceptable

Chief Analyst Nick Lane shares an overview of the latest report from Mobilesquared and MEF examining MNO views on messaging fraud, what it costs them annually and what they are doing to protect their networks and customers. The fight against messaging fraud is an on-going battle for every mobile network…
Sam Hill
July 15, 2021