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Blockchain podcast: Coinbase

MEF’s series of Blockchain Podcasts continues with MEF CEO Dario Betti and Blockchain advisor Daniele Mensi’s regular discussions on the latest impact and innovations in blockchain in the ecosystem. This week: Coinbase. Cryptocurrency broker Coinbase’s listing on the NASDAQ for $76 billion was a step towards legitimacy for the world…
Sam Hill
April 28, 2021
Syntonic co-founders Gary Greenbaum and Rahul AgarwalInterviews

Member Interview: Syntonic

MEFTV speaks to Syntonic co-founders Gary Greenbaum and Rahul Agarwal about getting carriers into the app economy, and their three new carrier services they announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. “Mobile carriers are not participating in the ‘app-economy’, which is about twice the size of the mobile data business…
Sam Hill
June 12, 2019
InterviewsMEF @ MWCMEFTV

Member Interview – Freenet Digital

MEFTV speaks to Thomas Kothuis, CEO of mobile entertainment specialist freenet digital during MWC 2019, where he explains the history of the company and what is new in the mobile entertainment and digital subscription space. “We are very much focused on the vene B2B product line – we have realised…
Sam Hill
April 9, 2019

Member Interview: Jon Prideaux, CEO, Boku

MEF’s Dario Betti speaks with Jon Prideaux, CEO at Boku about their recent acquisition of identity specialists Danal, how the payments and identity businesses overlap and how they see the ecosystem developing in the future. “We’ve always described ourselves as a carrier commerce company – the basic vision that Boku…
Sam Hill
February 22, 2019

Member Insights: Processing And Monetising Personal Data Post GDPR

The GDPR special edition of MEF’s eBulletin series, supported by CLX Communications, highlights the perspectives of the diverse MEF membership and experts on their path to preparing for GDPR compliance and the bigger journey ahead in ensuring that GDPR supports the innovation and growth of a connected and trusted data…
Sam Hill
June 13, 2018