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Everyone agrees that the pandemic has hit the roaming business hard and many are wondering if it will ever recover and, if so, in what form. Our latest report aims to provide a snapshot of the current state of the roaming business, as well as what awaits it in the future. From trends, to challenges and opportunities.

Developed in cooperation with HOT TELECOM, this report reflects the view of roaming experts around the world, giving you an insight on what the future has in store when it comes to the roaming business model, the technology, the impact of 5G and all the complexity it will bring. The times, they are changing!

  • Roaming 101  Where It All Started

  • Current Trends Analysis

    • Cracks are appearing in the business model

    • Cracks are appearing in the technical model

    • The impact of the Pandemic

  • Future Trends Analysis

    • 2G/3G network closure and the launch of 5G

    • Increased complexity

    • Business models and the Ecosystem

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This report was developed for the MEF by HOT TELECOM. The process included interviews with the roaming experts in 10 different operators and vendors around the world. These experts represent the gamut of players in the ecosystem, from large mobile groups to smaller independent operators and vendors, plus the carriers helping them create the global roaming system.