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Of all the A2P channels to choose, there isn’t one that drives engagement quite like RCS. Enterprises are beginning to realise this. This is especially evident we comparing RCS to its distant cousin, the email, which remains the most popular channel for businesses trying to reach consumer. The simple fact though is email provides the lowest engagement rate, let alone view rate.

RCS adopters are realising the vast, untapped potential in not just providing customer support through this channel but in engaging in honest, open and most importantly, authentic conversation with the customer.

But this opportunity presents a problem, how do you itemize a conversation for the purpose of billing? Practically speaking, how do we measure the cost of a dialogue? Is it by how long that conversation is? How many words spoken?

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The truth is you can’t. It’s impossible to put an exact price tag on a conversation this way as the length of one does not equate to its quality. We’ve had conversations that lasted an entire lunch time that we’ve forgotten about days later. We’ve had single sentences uttered to us that have changed our entire world view.

This white paper, written entirely by MEF Members, puts forward a new unified approach which it advocates being implemented universally if we are ever to see RCS reach mass adoption.

The frameworks described in this paper are built around ‘sessions’, a session being a collection of messages between an organisation and its user. Sessions recognise that the value in conversational messaging is in the exchange rather than in the individual messages. It also establishes a common vocabulary and example models providing a sound basis for clear understanding between players in the value chain. This report provides a framework of understanding as the market migrates from the massively successful per-message charging of era SMS to what should be an even more successful era of conversational commerce built on the sound foundation of RCS business messaging.

In this white paper, you will find out more about:

  • RCS is a new, visually appealing messaging channel that enables conversational customer journeys

  • Pricing models across the board are too fragmented and convoluted. Simplicity is key

  • Conversational commerce means multiple messages, pricing must reflect this

  • This document help everybody in the RCS value chain fully understand the commercial aspects of conversational commerce

  • Created entirely by MEF Members, for everyone on the RCS value chain’s understanding

  • Establishes a common vocabulary that can be utilised by every stakeholder