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MEF’s Global Consumer Trust Working Group has a dedicated work stream focused on regulation and looks at current and forthcoming legislation that may affect our members.

Any company that collects personal information from consumers – via an app, mobile service or website – is subject to stringent rules on how that data is stored, shared and secured. Smaller firms especially often have to make-do, building compliance into their day-to-day operations as best they can.

MEF and its members have created a series of business-friendly guides to data regulation in key markets to provide an overview of the rules governing personal information in a local market.

The guides are available for free download and look at regulation in Germany, the UK and Brazil, and were developed in association with MEF Members Dentons, Preiskel & Co and FAS Avogados.

Key Takeaways:

The regulation primers include a business-friendly summary of the rules around:

  • Collecting, sharing and securing consumer data
  • What data is considered especially sensitive?
  • Transferring data to a different country
  • Complying with law enforcement requests
  • What happens if I am investigated? What penalties might I face?

In association with

MEF Guides to Data Regulation – Click to Download: