Vision and Scope

Rolling out in 2015 MEF’s Innovation Programme connects local innovators and disruptors with the rest of the mobile ecosystem and gives members access to emerging start-ups across different sectors.

Our Meffys awards have long since recognised innovation in the industry. Each year we host a dedicated Innovation Day at MEF Global Forum in San Francisco which showcases the hottest start-ups from across the ecosystem.

The Innovation Programme will invite international leaders to connect, learn, and drive innovation.

  • Gain unrivalled access to leading Accelerators and emerging Start-ups
  • Establish your organisation as an Innovation Leader
  • Partners with key Innovation events
  • Dedicated workshops

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MEF Minute/ Latest About Innovation 

What to expect at Mobile World Congress 2017

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MWC 2017 is just four weeks away. As ever, it will present an unmissable opportunity to network, try out gadgets, absorb new ideas and queue for lunch. Here’s your sneak peak at the show’s big attractions…

Are you are going to Mobile World Congress? Have you booked your flights yet? If not, start walking now.

Veterans of the show (this will be my 16th) will know how megalithic the expo has become. When it was plain old 3GSM, it was held in a small conference centre in Cannes.

Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in mHealth – Deutsche Telekom

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Deutsche Telekom’s Sea Hero Quest is no ordinary mobile game. It’s also a research tool, gathering data that helps scientists in the fight to understand dementia. This unique project won this year’s Meffy winner for Innovation in mHealth…

Dementia is on the rise. It is one of the most challenging medical issues of the era. Scientists have little understanding of where dementia comes from, how to stop it, or even how to detect its earliest signs.
And even though dementia affects 47.5 million people, research around it is limited. For every six research scientists looking into cancer there, is just one researching dementia.

Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in Mobile First Markets – Opera Software/Opera Max

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Consumers in mobile first countries are desperately hungry for digital services. But they can be held back by the cost of data. Opera is tackling this with its Opera Max product, which has won the Innovation in Mobile First Markets Meffy for 2016…

It’s ironic that the countries where mobile is ‘first’ are generally the countries where mobile data is the most expensive (in real terms).

In its recent State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software revealed that the average German can pay for 500MB with one hour of work.

Meffys 2016 Winner Profile: Innovation in FinTech – Kasisto

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Everyone is watching the development of chat bots and conversational commerce. US-based Kasisto is right at the heart of the space. It has launched its own banking bot and is helping others do the same. Kasisto won the 2016 Innovation in FinTech Meffy…
The financial services space is fascinated by chat bots. They seem to offer an enticing combination of the easy access of digital and the personal touch of the high street.
It’s why so many banks and card networks are experimenting with the concept. US-based Kasisto is helping most of them.