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Your mobile wallet and more

MyOrder provides innovative experiences and tools for consumers and retailers.

We are on the path to becoming the leading platform in M-Commerce, and that platform will expand distribution of MyOrder beyond the brand. While the Netherlands is our primary focus on the short term, we are also exploring opportunities to develop the platform outside the Netherlands. We seek to create additional value to the international network of Rabobank and partners.

To achieve our mission to become the leading M-Commerce platform, we are determined to build a world class organisation, that will create an outstanding product with a combination of proximity, remote, and broader retail propositions such as finance, ERP and in-store consumer engagement. The MyOrder platform is based on open API’s to facilitate white labelling and easy partner connections, and supports a variety of retail tools. We are also seeking high level, high value strategic partnerships to maximize the reach of the MyOrder platform proposition.

The ultimate goal is to serve the economic interests of our retail clients and respond effectively to the retail revolution, while at the same time exploring future business models, by providing a platform that provides a real-life innovation lab, and creates value for our clients.

The traditional retail view is that online is killing the high street retail – but this is changing. MyOrder subscribes to the strong belief that retail will merge with online, and physical locations will have a major role to play in e-commerce – brand/product experience, purchase moments, collection – while online and mobile will play an increasing role in the development of physical retail.

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