Company Profile/

As a total communications and entertainment provider, Digicel is powered by two things: great technology and great people. Technology is ever-changing and so are our customers’ needs. So we also are in a state of constant change to ensure we provide the latest and most innovative services to our over 14 million plus strong customer base across the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific.

From powering even the most remote communities with the best mobile coverage and solving business problems with the best solutions – to delivering superfast broadband speeds and the best quality home entertainment over our state-of-the-art fibre network – we enable our customers to connect to great experiences. And it doesn’t hurt that we have the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, as our Chief Speed Officer.

What drives our network? Our people – they are dynamic, challenging and dedicated – all the qualities that embody what we stand for. In addition, giving back is deeply ingrained in our DNA, so we are constantly looking for ways to empower communities and help create a world where no one gets left behind.