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CM Telecom is a technology company that provides businesses with a single platform to enable (business critical) mobile messaging through push notifications, SMS and voice messaging and mobile payments & security.

With offices around the world, CM Telecom serves more than 25.000 businesses including the largest internet companies. Customers are WhatsApp, Telegram,, KLM and many more. CM Telecom’s platform is powered by its own self-designed infrastructure, supported by a 24/7 network operations centre including in-house data centres and fibre networks across Europe.

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Industry views: how will mobile messaging fare in 2016?

Mobile messaging is increasingly the cornerstone of business to consumer communications. Whether it’s to authenticate a user of a service, a notification or as part of a marketing push, messaging is often the mission critical part of a growing number of mobile consumer services.

There are however threats to the growth of messaging within the mobile ecosystem. Grey routes and SIM farms for example represent unregulated business to consumer lines of communication that could harm messaging’s long-term sustainability.