Company Profile/

Atomite is a data privacy management (DPM) enterprise specifically designed to address regulatory mandates that B2C companies interested in redeploying their customers’ personal information for marketing, IoT or other alternative purposes should only do so after providing those customers with bona fide transparency, choice, consent rights and consideration.

Atomite has developed forward-thinking economic models, user experiences, regulatory relationships, technical solutions and commercial partnerships in adjacent fields which are each designed to bring our licensees material economic, regulatory and customer satisfaction benefits.

In a nutshell, Atomite’s TransPrivacy™ offering rewards customers of B2C company licensees who opt-in and permission those licensees to use their personal data for marketing or other alternative purposes.  These customers earn Privacy Points™ redeemable for valuable goods and services.  Through the use of an intuitive UI, licensee customers have full control over what information is shared, with whom, for what purposes and for how long, as well as the ability to view, edit, delete and port their data. Atomite conducts periodic digital audits to ensure that its B2C licensees are respecting customer-reflected choices regarding the use of their personal data for marketing or other alternative purposes, thereby enhancing our B2C licensee’s trust and goodwill with both customers and relevant governmental authorities.