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The Metaverse is a hot topic in tech circles right now. But for all the talk, the Metaverse remains a slippery concept to grasp. There are so many unanswered questions: do you have to wear a headset to enter the Metaverse? Can you simply scroll it on a phone screen? Do you need an avatar? Will there be one Metaverse or hundreds? And if there are many, do they have to connect to each other?

Perhaps most important: is the Metaverse an addition to the existing internet or is it a complete replacement?

Whatever the definition, it is important to keep on top of developments. Why? Because without doubt, the Metaverse will eventually create business opportunities for all stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem.

This report from MEF provides a window into this essential topic. Key takeaways include:

  • An insight into the origins of the Metaverse
  • A deep dive into the various definitions
  • How the Metaverse intersects with Web 3.0 and blockchain
  • Examples of existing projects from Meta, Roblox, Nvidia and more
  • The technological advances that are making the Metaverse feasible
  • How MEF’s key areas of focus – payments, identity, trust, communications – apply in the Metaverse

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The Metaverse adds another layer of complexity, and it is not yet a fully formed concept either – many find too early or confusing even to talk about. Nevertheless, it is worth considering early on: it has the potential to reshape the way we consume the Internet – something comparable to the emergence of the ‘apps’ for smartphones. This report is trying to demystify this new customer model, and is trying to guide you away from the hype and closer to the real business potential.

Dario BettiMEF CEO