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Europe 2020 GCCM

February 10 - February 11

Mobile Ad Fraud Webinar

Industry Views: Combating Ad Fraud

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  • Consumers are 35x more likely to open mobile messages than emails

    Consumers are 35x more likely to open mobile messages than emails

    Sinch’s latest research report: Mobile Consumer Engagement 2020 highlighted that not only do consumers welcome many different kinds of personalized mobile messages from businesses, but also that they’re 35x more likely to open them than emails. Yet despite this, businesses have been slow on the uptake and are not providing the kind of high-value, real-time messaging that consumers crave.<< Read More >>
  • Interview: Michael Paxman, Adjust

    Interview: Michael Paxman, Adjust

    MEFTV speaks to Michael Paxman, Global Project Communications lead at Adjust who shares his views on the issue of mobile marketing fraud, and the extent to which it represents a problem for the industry, and how he sees the app ecosystem developing in the future. “Mobile fraud is rampant, in part because it is very easy to execute. But fraudsters are very rarely caught, and even if they are, regulation hasn’t yet caught up with the issue. There is often no punishment for those found to be carrying out fraud, leaving them free to move onto exploiting the next app …<< Read More >>

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