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WMC Global is a cybersecurity company with roots firmly planted in the mobile sector. Our founders launched the organization in 2006, inventing the first mobile market compliance program in the United States. Since then we have expanded globally and innovated alongside marketplace shifts, deploying customer and brand protection solutions that encompass all verticals and digital service sectors that fall prey to mobile scams. Our 15 years’ experience working with Tier 1 MNOs around the globe has given us unparalleled insight into the ways in which threat actors launch attacks against your customers and employees.

We specialize in mobile compliance and spam protection, as well as anti-phishing solutions including detection and link monitoring, phishing kit collection, compromised credential recovery, and automated takedowns.

MEF Minute/

Guest post: Kr3pto Puppeteer Kits – Dynamic Phishing Targeting UK Bank Customers

Ian Matthews, CEO at WMC Global presents an overview of a worrying new phishing threat to mobile users identified by the WMC Global Threat Intelligence Team, and outlines in detail some of the ways to mitigate such attacks and what consumers and businesses should do to defend their data.

At WMC Global, we are tracking a threat actor who goes by the alias “Kr3pto,” a phishing kit developer who builds and sells unique kits targeting UK financial institutions amongst other brands.