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WhiteBridge Insight is an independent TMT research consultancy founded by Angel Dobardziev, formerly a senior Research and Consulting Director with Ovum and Gartner.

WhiteBridge’s most recent research and consulting projects include work on 5G, IoT, cloud, eSIM technologies and IT services.

WhiteBridge’s distinctive research and advisory style blends rigorous research, focused analysis, challenger insights, and actionable analysis to deliver uniquely penetrating, powerful and authoritative insights; combined with a highly collaborative and agile mode of client engagement delivery.

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Avoiding the IoT Commodity Trap

Angel Dobardziev, Director at independent research consultancy WhiteBridge Insight, shares thoughts on how to succeed as an IoT Solutions provider, and how to avoid the common pitfalls facing enterprises moving into the IoT space.

The enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) market is one of the fastest growing and soon, one of the largest technology opportunities, variously forecast to reach global revenues of $1 trillion a year by 2022-2025 by different analyst firms. It includes separate markets for IoT connectivity, hardware, software platforms, as well as vast IoT solution integration and service opportunities. But it is also a very complex ecosystem for enterprise decision makers (DMs) to navigate.

eSIM smartphones will disrupt the mobile industry

Telecoms analyst and consultant Angel Dobardziev of WhiteBridge Insight discusses the inclusion of eSIMs as standard in Apple’s new phones, and why this marks a significant moment for both consumers and MNOs and how they will interact in the future.

Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max models will have dual SIM functionality, including an eSIM. At first sight, this may not seem like much: dual SIM smartphones have been around for a while.

WhiteBridge thinks the actual inclusion of the eSIM in the iPhones is a very significant move for the industry, great news for consumers, but also a mixed blessing for carriers.