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We are a leading African AISP (Application and Infrastructure Service Provider) for media and telecoms services, which see to it that our main activities include the development, provision, operation and maintenance of platforms, solutions and services based on SMS, MMS, Voice, Internet and Media broadcast technologies.


Our mission is to help people all over the world realize their creative desire and provide services beyond their expectations. Our business has 3 key vertical; mobile communities, enterprise mobility and mobile content.

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The fox guarding the henhouse: revenue sharing/traffic & DCB Fraud

Expanding on a recent Industry Views post discussing DCB fraud, Olubunmi Fatiregun, Chief Security Officer for VAS2Nets Technologies explains in more detail why traffic or revenue sharing business models are problematic for the whole industry.

Carrier billing brings several benefits to mobile operators. While the threat of fraud is serious, Telcos must take the front seat in preventing DCB fraud.

Industry Views: Why business models based on revenue sharing do not work when it comes to preventing DCB fraud

Earlier this year MEF’s DCB working group kicked off a new programme to look at tackling fraud in Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). The cross-stakeholder group is currently developing a fraud framework to seek industry alignment and help market education to ensure a sustainable trusted channel.

When looking at fraud detection solutions the topic of business models for solution providers is a focus area for discussion, with a clear recommendation that revenue sharing models cannot be good for the ecosystem.

The road ahead for VAS: seven takeaways from the MEF webinar

The potential of e-sports. The rise of B2B2C. The challenge of balancing regulation with the freedom to innovate. There was much to discuss in a webinar that looked ahead to the future of mobile VAS… In the early 2000s a community of innovators noticed the passion consumers had for their (2G) phones. They saw a business opportunity.