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Turk Telekom International (TTI) is 100% owned by Turk Telekom and acts as its international business unit handling all international data, wholesale voice business functions and roaming partnerships with all LTE/GSM/CDMA operators and MVNOs globally.

Turk Telekom International provides single account management and unified network operations over the entire Turk Telekom International network which includes 20 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Middle East and the Caucasus, covering a full range of Internet/data services, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet service providers and corporate customers.

Turk Telekom International offers premium quality telecommunication solutions in the form of: guaranteed SLA-s, local experts, dedicated staff, centralized end-to-end network management, trustworthy and reliable attitude, delivering on commitments, on-time delivery, tailor-made, scalable and cost-effective technical solutions and a proven management team with a full service portfolio. Covering over 40,000 km of fiber optic network and more than 150 interconnections worldwide Turk Telekom International is one of the most important players for the global telecommunications industry.

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Industry views: is mobile spam and SMiShing trashing consumer trust?

MEF’s Mobile Messaging Fraud Report 2016 reveals the extent to which spam and phishing (SMiShing) across chat apps and SMS are pestering consumers around the world.

26 per cent of chat app users get an unsolicited message every day, while 49 per cent receive at least one a week. With SMS its 28 per cent every day with 58 per cent receiving one a week.

And while SMS is still the most trusted messaging channel, 33 per cent indicated that they had received a SMiShing message aimed at tricking them in to divulging personal data such as bank details or passwords for online services.

We asked MEF members and the wider mobile community for their thoughts.

5 minutes with… Turk Telekom International

In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, CSO Stuart Evers introduces Turk Telekom.

Our company’s strap-line is “Bridging Continents” which I believe is a pretty good summary of what we do, both figuratively and literally. As a Turkish company we stand on the geographic and historical link between Europe and Asia and we are the modern-day version of the ancient trade routes that flowed from old Byzantium…. only instead of spices, silk and opals, we carry fibre, data and minutes.