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Safe Lagoon is an app that uses AI to provide families with the tools to develop healthy online habits and cultivate resilience in children against today’s online threats.

Safe Lagoon gives actionable suggestions to children in difficult situations and notifies parents and caregivers of behavior that may need attention and provides peace of mind to parents that their kids are using their devices responsibly.

The Safe Lagoon AI core saves parents time as it delivers insights into their child’s online activity and presents them with a range of data collected from the child’s Android and iOS mobile devices.

The app lets our users manage their kids screen time, monitor and track call logs, text messages, browsing and YouTube history while our AI algorithms allow us to perform analysis of social media chats of the most popular platforms that kids use today—including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. We look for and inform parents about trouble signs such as predatory grooming, psychological distress, drug abuse, and cyberbullying.