Company Profile/

We operate in 13 countries in connection with 37 operators. We currently have over 80 employees located in our offices in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogota, Guatemala, La Paz and Lima.

PMovil was founded in Brazil and Argentina in 2001 by its 3 partners: Fabian De la Rúa (CEO), Kleber Tolezani (CTO) and Martin Marenco (CMO).

We are one of the pioneers in Latin America in personalization of mobile phones, chat rooms, messaging and more.

For over 10 years PMovil has been the pioneer and leader in the region for providing customers quality products and creating solutions for the mobile market.

PMovil Toing created the first regional brand presence in mass market mobile products and services in Latin America which include Ring Tones, Crazy Tones, Videos, Wallpapers, Games etc.