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OpenMarket helps the biggest brands in the world use mobile messaging to connect with their customers in the moments when it counts.

When they need to be there and be responsive in real-time. When customer experience isn’t just a buzzword: it’s an obsession.

OpenMarket combines a powerful, scalable and reliable platform with a deep understanding of how text messaging can transform business processes.

It works closely with clients to deliver timely, useful and context-sensitive mobile messaging that surprises and delights their customers around the world at massive scale.

OpenMarket calls this the Empathetic InteractionTM and its changing the way enterprises engage with their customers.

With trusted relationships with mobile operators across the globe, OpenMarket offers faster time to market, and ongoing support for its enterprise customers.

OpenMarket is a division of Amdocs and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with regional offices in Detroit, London, Sydney, and Pune (India).


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Business SMS – Challenges & Opportunities

Taken from MEF Connects Wholesale, José García – Founder @ Global Telco Consult introduces the session on enterprise messaging, opening with a keynote presentation from Jerome Gasic, Head of Messaging at BICS, who explores the top 3 challenges & opportunities for business messaging. The session then moves to the panel discussion entitled “A2P SMS at a crossroads – MNO’s safety belt or the last bullet?”

Industry views: A collaborative approach to tackling Smishing

MEF’s SMS SenderID Protection Registry helps identify and block fraudulent SMS texts, protecting consumers, legitimate businesses and organisations falling victim to text messaging scams. Known as ‘Smishing’ criminals send bogus texts which appear to come from a trusted sender. The Registry allows organisations to register the message headers used when sending text messages to their customers and limits the ability of fraudsters to impersonate a brand by checking whether the sender is the genuine registered party. In the UK, an industry initiative is trialing the Registry with over 50 bank and government brands being protected.

MEFTV interview: OpenMarket & the RCS tipping-point

MEFTV spoke to OpenMarket’s Director of Carrier Relations Lucas Walker during SMS & Messaging World about the development of Rich communication services (RCS) and the extent to which both the brands and consumers require education on the new standard’s potential.

How Text Messaging Bridges the Empathy Gap

Oisin Lunny, Chief Evangelist at OpenMarket, discusses how enterprises are harnessing ’empathy’ to deliver a uniquely tailored and exceptional customer experience for their users, as explored in depth in their new eBook, the Empathetic Interaction.

Take a moment to think about the last communication you had with a friend, colleague, family member, or business. While many of our minds will wander to the last face-to-face interaction we experienced, that probably isn’t the case.

Industry Views: AI, chatbots and banking

Accenture’s 2017 Banking Technology Vision report explores the role of AI in banking and customer engagement. It found that 78 per cent of bankers believe AI will revolutionise the way banks gather information and interact with customers.

One of the key advantages highlighted was that whilst AI is increasingly automating customer interaction, it is also providing a more personalised experience.

Chatbots for example are increasingly used by banks to handle routine enquiries and represent a more personalised experience than visiting the modern day substitute for branch banking, a website or app, where customers interact with layers of screens and drop-down menus instead of a person.

OpenMarket’s Steve French: RCS can super-charge enterprise messaging

RCS is the next generation of SMS, a platform that can bring OTT-style features to the standard messaging app on Android devices. But it’s not just for person-to-person chat, says Steve French of OpenMarket, recently announced as an official partner of Google’s early access program.

In the MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide, Virgin Trains talked about the power of a simple text message to transform the travel experience of vulnerable passengers at Euston station in the UK.

Industry views: MWC 2017 the trends, announcements and technology

Another Mobile World Congress is over. There was more of everything this year. More visitors (108,000 up 7% on 2016), more exhibitors, more keynotes and more announcements made. It can get very noisy.

But in amongst the noise the important technology trends emerged, trends that will shape the mobile ecosystem going forward.

What’s in store for the mobile ecosystem in 2017?

2016 was an eventful year for technology innovation across the board. And whilst new models have come to the fore the global base of mobile users continues to grow, confirming mobile’s central role in how businesses innovate and monetise their services.

Everything has been fair game, from the collection and responsible use of user data through to new ways for consumers to perform everyday tasks like talking to their bank, ordering and buying a coffee or transferring money to a friend.

But how will the mobile ecosystem change in 2017? And what are the areas of the ecosystem that are ripe for disruption or collaboration? We asked MEF members to provide us with their thoughts on the big trends for 2017…

‘SMS is perfect for chat bots’ – OpenMarket’s Jay Emmet talks A2P, IoT and OTT

OpenMarket’s GM Jay Emmet knows a bit about SMS. He’s been selling mobile messaging for 20 years. And he still loves it. He talked to MEF about conversational commerce, machine-based messaging and why A2P is finally ready for its big moment…

Jay Emmet is talking about cheeseburgers. He likes his without anything on them. None of that lettuce or relish nonsense.

And in some countries, he can use a machine to order them to his precise specifications. Jay loves this.

Industry views: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report and the future of chat apps

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report, released last week came to some interesting conclusions about the growth of chat apps like WeChat, WhatsApp and Messenger and their evolution from simple text to a tool for vivid self expression, and portal for commerce, mobile payments and brand interaction.

In China for example, 31 per cent of WeChat users use the app’s baked-in wallet making an estimated 50 plus digital cash transactions per month for things like online shopping, in-store payments and P2P transfers.

Five non-traditional ways retailers are using SMS for strong results

One of the greatest values of SMS lies in its versatility. Though it’s commonly used as a marketing tool for retailers, and rightly so, it’s worthwhile for much more.

Here Oisin Lunny, Openmarket’s Senior Market Development Manager shares 5 tips on how retailers can maximize the value of their SMS solutions both in the present and the future – plus, we speak to him in person about the advantages of SMS in mobile marketing.

Industry views: A2P messaging and fraud

Last week MEF published the A2P Messaging Fraud Framework – the first release from its new industry programme The Future of Messaging. It identifies 11 distinct fraud types that impact the global messaging business today.

The Future of Messaging Working Group consists of 25 founding members including mobile operators, messaging aggregators, signalling companies, application service providers and enterprise messaging providers. Here we asked them for their thoughts on messaging fraud and how to tackle facilitating best practice to build a sustainable A2P messaging industry.

Industry views: Facebook’s chatbot launch

Last week Facebook announced the launch of its bot platform for Messenger, opening up an API to allow developers to create bots so that people chat with organisations to get information, answer questions and transact.

This means that by combining AI and natural language processing, users will simply instruct messenger to transfer money to someone, order a cab or discuss movie showtimes – just like they were talking to a friend.

Mobile Messaging in the Era of Enterprise Consumerization: How SMS Puts the ‘S’ in Success

Consumerization. SaaS. Cloud. BYOD. Mobility. Just five years ago these words would not have described the focus of IT and security professionals. Yet today, CIOs are reckoning with all of these forces, joining executives from across the organization to redefine and innovate business processes, operations, and communication with customers and...

MEFTV Meets the members @MWC

Every year at MWC in Barcelona, MEFTV visits as many of our exhibiting members as possible to catch up with their latest news and announcements. We’ll be showcasing all of them in the coming weeks so to kick us off, meet three companies from across our diverse global membership. OpenMarket –…