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OLAmobile is a Marketing Technology Group focused on performance and eager to empower our clients – both advertisers and publishers – with the technology they need to get the best mobile reach and the highest ROI results.

The continuous evolution of the performance marketing industry made it clear to OLAmobile that each client is unique. That’s why we needed to position ourselves with different brands:

Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, we’ll help you achieve the best possible experience in the mobile marketing world for your apps & mobile services.

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OLAmobile: Three things MVAS advertisers need to know about mobile affiliate marketing

VP of Marketing at OLAmobile Luis Garcia explains the latest developments in the mobile advertising space, and shares three simple concepts about mobile affiliate advertising that every value added services marketeer should know…

The rapid proliferation of mobile devices is definitely changing the marketing industry. This means it’s now possible to understand that most users are going from desktop to mobile, opening up a whole new reality and allowing all mobile advertisers, such as MVAS providers, to reach more potential customers all around the world.

Industry Views: lite apps in emerging markets

There is a growing trend for big mobile brands to develop lite versions of their apps to hook mobile users in emerging markets. Just last month Shazam and Facebook Messenger announced that they are going lite for example.

The logic is straightforward. Unlike saturated established app economies, these markets are mobile first and represent the next billion in terms of connected mobile users. Importantly they typically have poorer network speeds and lower levels of disposable income so lite versions of apps are offered as a low data and cost solution.

We asked MEF members and the wider mobile community for their thoughts.

5 minutes with… OLA mobile

In our 5 minutes with profiles, MEF members talk about their business, their aspirations for the future and the wider mobile industry. This week, Michael Tomlins, CEO, introduces Infomedia Group subsidiary, Humley.

OLA mobile is a global Mobile Performance company specialized in User Acquisition focused on CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CPI (Cost per Install) mobile campaigns. Our multicultural team supports advertisers on the promotion of their mobile products and helps publishers generate revenues with their mobile audience. Our platform allows publishers to promote mobile subscriptions and apps, guaranteeing a higher profitability by achieving a much higher eCPM.