Company Profile/

Nettzer empowers Mobile Operators, MVNOs and eSIM providers to acquire Customers using the Digital Only Channel. The Digital Channel is becoming the “go to” Channel for new Customers, with 24/7 availability and anywhere Customer acquisition. Customer are now very familiar with self-onboarding using Drivers Licences, Passports and Government IDs.

Nettzer works with Mobile Operators in the Americas, Europe and Asia to provide a full Digital Sales Channel solution.

During these times of pressure on costs, churn and with Covid slowing Sales, the Digital Channel is the low cost answer to the traditional retail and agent channels that are expensive and not easily scaleable.

MEF Minute/

Market temperature check: Assessing Confidence in the Mobile Ecosystem

MEF Programme Director James Williams discusses the state of the global mobile ecosystem with a panel of experts, who assess the findings of MEF’s Business Confidence Index, a litmus test of how companies globally see their prospects in the current business climate, and find that the telecoms industry remains optimistic.