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Myriad Connect is a mobile technology specialist, empowering enterprises to quickly and easily develop and deliver reliable, secure and cost effective new mobile services to users, regardless of access to data connection.

Myriad Connect’s range of products and services are deeply integrated within mobile networks, exposing capabilities and core network assets to enterprises, offering unparalleled reach, security and quality of service. These unique products and services, leverage ubiquitous mobile technology, to drive digital inclusion and enable the potential for digital transformation in markets across the world.

Mobile Enablement & USSD Infrastructure – Myriad Connect helps enable mobile operators and enterprises to deliver engaging customer experiences via mobile, regardless of device or connection; helping drive digital transformation and delivery of increased revenue and enhanced customer loyalty.

Authentication & Mobile Security – Myriad Connect’s out of band authentication service provides industry-leading secure access, authorisation and authentication for financial services transactions; and authorised access to any digital service or system; providing a more secure, cost effective, efficient and user friendly out-of-band-authentication service.

Engagement & Mobile Services – Myriad Connect helps enable the full potential of digital by empowering organisations with tools to create a broad range of innovative USSD services, which can help improve customer engagement, service delivery and reduce cost of engagement.

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MNO Fraud? Bank Fraud? Its everyone’s problem

Last month, MEF hosted a second workshop in South Africa focused on tackling messaging fraud in financial services. The session took place in partnership with the South African Banking Risk Information Centre (SABRIC) with representation from the South African MNOs and 15 local banks. The goal was to explore how the mobile ecosystem can enable better industry collaboration

Tackling SIM Swap fraud: key insights from MEF’s Webinar

How widespread is SIM Swap fraud? And how effective is the industry rearguard against it? MEF gathered three experts to share their insights. Here are the highlights…

When mobile penetration went close to 100 per cent in most regions, it became obvious that the phone could be an excellent tool for authentication.

Voice biometrics present effective new weapon against fraud and crime

Advanced voice biometrics tools offer multiple new ways to mitigate fraud and risk. Stephane Groud, Product Director at MEF Member Myriad Connect discusses how voice authentication can protect individuals and organisations from crime.

Voice biometrics, now coming into its own as a highly accurate means of authenticating users, presents multiple new opportunities to organisations to mitigate the risk of fraud and crime.

SS7 Vulnerability underlines need for new financial-telco collaboration

Recent hacking attacks have brought the vulnerabilities of global telephony protocols to the fore. Stephane Groud, Product Director at MEF Member Myriad Connect discusses an apparent spike in cybercrime, and what banks and networks need to do to counter it.

The security world is looking at vulnerabilities in Signaling System 7 (SS7), with financial institutions and telcos alike expressing concern that mobile banking is increasingly vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters.