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Microsoft lives to help people and businesses realise their potential. To help them make things and get things done. Lumia mobile devices have long strived to deliver the experience you want, simply and easily.

Liberating personal expression, facilitating decision making and task completion, making all communication easy, and fun.

We make Lumia mobile devices to suit a range of budgets. Devices that team the latest software with the fastest processors. That run integrated first-party apps and the very best third-party apps. That offer Cortana – our very own personal assistant. And use OneDrive to seamlessly integrate with all devices. Because everyone should have the latest and most intuitive technology to help them get things done.

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Mobile money: usability, growth markets and the importance of choice

MEF held its global and regional board elections at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

After the event we caught up with some of the newly elected directors – Bango’s founder and CEO, Ray Anderson, Boku’s CEO, Jon Prideaux and Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing Grahame Riddell – and asked them for their thoughts on mobile money and specifically carrier billing going forward for MEF’s recently published free Mobile Money eBulletin.

Here’s what they said…

Ten jargon-free ways to think about that LinkedIn deal

Did you hear? Microsoft bought LinkedIn. Yes you did. But do you know why? Well, Tim Green has sifted through lots of plausible reasons so you don’t have to…

Last week Microsoft endorsed the skills of LinkedIn. It endorsed them so hard, it cost $26 billion.

Yes, you all know about this by now. Microsoft bought LinkedIn for a huge sum in an all-cash transaction. It was the second biggest acquisition in tech corporate history, and it was kept totally quiet. Not a single leak.

What it means to live in a mobile first, cloud first world

We are all familiar with the terms 'mobile' and 'cloud'.  The former means portable, wire free connectivity and the latter means network based storage.  Whilst these are obvious misconceptions its how mobile and cloud work together that provides the basis of the next wave of growth for all kinds of services.  Here, Marc Kleinmaier, Head of Developer Experience in North America for Microsoft Mobile, explores the relationship between cloud-first, mobile first world....

How To Take Advantage Of The Top Two Motivations For Using Apps: Loneliness And Boredom

According to a recent report from Nielsen, 68% of the consumers interviewed reported that they used apps while they were “bored" or “killing time” while 70% of app downloaders who own a smartphone said they used apps while alone or by themselves. In this blog post, Matt Collins, Global Director of Applications and Partner Marketing at MEF Member Microsoft, explains how to take advantage of these key driving forces behind app usage...

What’s Your (App) Story? – Matt Collins, Microsoft

Consumers spend over half of their digital media time with mobile apps. Though customers appear to shop for and buy phones based more on price and brand, that doesn't mean OEMs should exclude apps from their device marketing. In this blog post and companion podcast, Matt Collins, Global Director of Applications and Partner Marketing at MEF Member Microsoft, explains how handset manufacturers and retailers can leverage apps to sell more...