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Kaleido Intelligence are a global consulting and market research firm delivering insights that matter. We provide market intelligence and specialist research into key roaming and connectivity markets covering international travel, wholesale and retail roaming, IoT, 5G, eSIM, IPX, blockchain, security and fraud.

We offer a range of services across our research portfolio, in the form of trend assessment, competitive analysis, historical data and forecast projections. Our research is led by experienced and knowledgeable analysts. Opinions and insights delivered are based on a thorough research process, making Kaleido a trusted research partner for many connectivity stakeholders including mobile operators and vendors.

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eSIM poised to transform consumer and IoT connectivity

Andrew Parkin-White, MEF Advisor on IoT, is joined by Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research at Kaleido Intelligence, to discuss their latest report – eSIM Market Outlook, investigating how eSIM is opening up new opportunities for and presenting challenges to enterprises and service providers.

The traditional SIM has been based on a removable smartcard plugged into a phone or M2M. Having served the market well for a long period as an effective distribution model for MNOs.