Company Profile/

Founded in 2001 by Tony Crabtree, CEO, Juniper Research provides market sizing and forecasting, competitive analysis, strategic assessment, and business modelling to the world’s leading organisations and innovators; enabling them to recognise today’s shifting markets and seize tomorrow’s opportunities. Whatever the sector, our clients benefit from actionable knowledge and insight, delivered by experienced industry experts, and backed up by robust and dependable forecasting models.

Opportunity Appraisal

We give the clearest and most in-depth view of key market opportunities through extensive datasets, market forecasts, interactive interrogation tools, and analysis that provides context and clarity to over 5 million market statistics; covering 60 countries and 8 global regions.

Competitive Analysis

Our Competitor Leaderboards provide a visual representation of who is leading key market sectors across fintech, telco, and technology. The Leaderboard provides a meaningful comparison of vendors, focusing on key capabilities, product strengths, and industry partnerships. Our tried and tested industry heatmaps and in-depth player profiles provide insight into both current and emerging opportunities.

Client Consulting

We have a strong track record of providing reliable and credible support to our clients. Whether on a project-by-project or ongoing basis, our two decades of experience mean you can trust us to deliver what you need to make smarter business decisions. We also conduct bespoke market surveys to uncover unique industry insights in target regions across both consumer and enterprise markets.

Client Support & Marketing

For clients looking to combine market intelligence and analysis with brand promotion, we offer bespoke whitepapers, customisable email blasts, joint webinars, press releases and analyst speakers for events. Our industry awards programme, the ‘Future Digital Awards’, recognises the leading disruptors and challengers in each sector, offering all winners full marketing support opportunities.