Company Profile/

Intentful is an innovative content creation company that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and data insights to revolutionize the traditional content production landscape. The company’s capabilities go beyond ChatGPT. Intentful’s AI platform is thoroughly trained to understand each client’s brand and industry, crafting content that is not only relevant but seamlessly aligns with the brand’s unique identity.

By merging human creativity with AI, Intentful provides businesses with a unique and effective content creation service that transcends mere production. The company focuses on optimizing content performance through a deep understanding of engagement metrics that drive business objectives.

Since the integration of AI into their workflow in 2021, Intentful has produced thousands of high-quality pieces of content, leading to significant cost savings for their clients and a dramatic boost in website traffic, ranging from 38% to 67%.

Intentful’s team of strategists, editors, and QA specialists work tirelessly to ensure high-quality, on-brand content across various types, including e-commerce, marketing, and personalized content. Intentful is more than just a content creation company. They serve as partners in driving digital transformation and facilitating business growth.