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freenet digital is part of freenet Group, the largest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany.

Founded in 2000, freenet digital is a leading global provider of next generation entertainment content and services for the digital consumer and known for developing exciting new products and services that deliver a seamless experience via web or wireless connection.

The Top German YouTube star Anna Blue, the digital subscription platform OJOM, and the dating platform iLove are just a few of the brands we successfully developed in-house.

Most recently, accumulated years of expertise in performance marketing and deep industry knowledge enabled our talented team to build a holistic solution for performance marketing and compliance – the vene brand family.

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Defeating DCB Fraud: highlights from the MEF panel session

A popular payment channel will always attract fraudsters. Sad but true. So what’s the best defence against DCB fraud. MEF experts tackled the issue. Direct carrier billing has had a bumpy journey over the last decade. It was initially heralded as the next big thing – a friction-free payment channel that would bring riches back to the operators.

Mobile ad fraud: the scale of the problem, the nature of the scams, the fightback

Global app install ad spend could hit $51 billion this year. Fraudsters want some of that money. Regrettably, they will succeed. Is there anything the industry can do to defend itself? In a MEF webinar, two experts from Oordeoo and Freenet Digital assess the scale of the problem and the best ways to counter attack…

Member Interview – Freenet Digital

MEFTV speaks to Thomas Kothuis, CEO of mobile entertainment specialist freenet digital during MWC 2019, where he explains the history of the company and what is new in the mobile entertainment and digital subscription space.

“We are very much focused on the vene B2B product line – we have realised over the last 2 or 3 years, compliance and being compliant with the way people are marketing their products in the digital sphere to consumers has become super important.

Industry views: Combating mobile Ad fraud

We asked MEF Members and industry insiders to shine the spotlight on mobile ad fraud and ask what should the industry be doing to combat the fraudsters? one of the biggest challenges to mobile advertising growth has been invalid traffic and mobile ad fraud such as fake installs and click spamming. This has significant impact on the app ecosystem.