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Clickatell is a global leader in mobile business messaging. Clickatell enables the chat economy with innovative Chat Commerce solutions that help companies engage customers on channels they prefer.

Clickatell’s Chat Commerce Platform sits at the intersection of mobile messaging (CPaaS, CCaaS) and commerce (Digital Payments) and allows brands to deliver rich conversational interactions on the largest messaging platforms in the world including SMS and WhatsApp. With competitive messaging rates, powerful orchestration tools, and a sharp focus on revenue and CX goals, Clickatell enables its clients to lower acquisition costs while maximizing value and enhancing customer relationships across all stages of the consumer lifecycle. Clickatell believes that communicating with a business should be as easy as chatting with family and friends using the mobile devices and apps they already use every day.

Clickatell has been in mobile messaging for over 20 years, covering more than 200 territories with 1000+ networks, effectively reaching 85% of the world’s population. Clickatell’s solutions are deployed to 10,000+ customers across multiple enterprise industries including retail, travel and transportation, financial services, health and wellness, media and entertainment, banking, telecommunications, and education.