Company Profile/

Cedita are an international software team focusing on doing things differently through an approach of being Clean, Considered and Complete, which applies to all of their own brands as well as work undertaken for their clients. As a Certified B Corp™ they are one of a very small group of businesses that takes into account not only profit, but using their power to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy through their own Corporate Responsibility program and other measures.

Their individual brands include PureSMS, an ultra high-performance A2P messaging solution that allows businesses to be heard and create more value for their customers. With an easy to use interface, a myriad of integrations and first-party couplings with Cedita’s other brands ensure a seamless, unique experience.

Founded in 2008, Cedita has grown to become an international group (EU, UK, USA) for the software market with each of their individual brands growing organically. Along with placing a key focus on an ethos that focuses on the customer and making peoples’ lives better, Cedita is extremely proud to be a MEF member to help shape the future of mobile communications.