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Established in 2012, BSG is a global SMS communication platform trusted by various enterprises and wholesale clients for its high standards of quality and dependability. It provides messaging solutions to various industries, including eCommerce/retail, banking and finance, healthcare, logistics, and iGaming.

Backed by ISO-9001:2015 and GSMA certifications, BSG provides clients with reliable communication channels through 40+ zero-hop connections and customized routing.

Key Features and Products

● Simple & intuitive Omnichannel Platform UI. Available in 9 languages

● Easy SMS Wholesale management. Enterprise Web interface.

● High-level DDoS protection

● API, Web, SMPP, HTTP, HTTPS, and XML, protocols covered. Built-in VPN connection.

● Multi-layered analytics and filters

● A2P SMS messaging (promo, transactional, 2-Way SMS)

● Viber messaging

● Voice Bot

● Embedded Short URL

● Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

● Mobile Number Intelligence (Number Verifier, MNP)

● 24/7 in-house support.

Why Choose BSG?

Adjustable Routes & High Deliverability

The SMS Platform’s adjustability ensures high delivery rates are maintained through regular testing and monitoring. The support staff is always on their toes, carefully checking traffic and guaranteeing optimal routing quality.

Powerful API with Easy Integration

The turn-key platform has comprehensive API integration for your CRM system or existing software, allowing for easy and seamless synchronization of data from multiple sources. This ensures that all of your information is up to date and accurately represented, so you don’t have to worry about manual data entry.

Compliance with Global Telecommunications Security Standards

BSG is trusted by the biggest SMS Hubs, OTTs, and mobile operators across the globe as their approved A2P SMS partner. As promotional A2P messages must comply with local laws and regulations, our products are designed to meet such requirements and international standards.