Company Profile/

Founded in 1996, Bouygues Telecom has now become one of the main French MNOs. Here at Bouygues Telecom, we’re convinced that human relationships are key for everyone’s fulfilment that’s why we put all our efforts to offer the best fixed and mobile experience to our customers. Spreading happiness by connecting people together is such an amazing job!

Many new challenges come out every day in citizens’ lives and it is also our role as a carrier, to find digital solutions to these new requests. During last decade, we have noticed that those challenges bring together actors for all over the globe and that problematics are very international. Thus, at the Value Factory which is the diversification department of Bouygues Telecom, we have started working with local groups (French ecosystems, AF2M, …) and slowly with international actors to settle better answers for bigger problems.

The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is essential for us to pursue our mission and develop products such as segmented TV, RCS, digital payment, mobile identity thanks to international discussions with MNOs working in the same way.