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Boloro’s Authentication Solution is ideal for all forms of identity verification and transaction validation, providing a user-friendly way to secure online banking, digital payments and eCommerce.

Boloro’s Authentication Solution is a multi-factor and multi-channel process that separates the authentication from the Internet and Operating System, which are both vulnerable to fraud and malware.

Boloro’s Authentication Solution uses the secure signaling layer of the mobile phone (push USSD or network initiated USSD), and it is compatible with all mobile phones, including all smartphones and feature phones. Boloro’s Authentication Solution can also use RCS or any other channel.

The user simply enters its memorized PIN into the secure message received on its phone in order to validate activity. Users love the “ATM-like authentication in the palm of their hands on their own trusted handset”.

Boloro’s Authentication Solution has been approved by the GSMA (the Global Association of Mobile Carriers), and we work closely with the mobile operators to offer our solution, which is secure, user-friendly and instantaneous — making it ideal for all forms of identity verification and transaction validation, including online banking, digital payments and eCommerce.

The complete audit trail included with the Boloro platform provides a transaction history that can be used for fraud prevention, transparency, credit-worthiness and financial inclusion.

The Boloro platform is hosted on the licensee’s premises, giving the licensee complete control over its own data. Everything would stay within the bank.

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