Company Profile/

Aldeamo is an Enterprise Messaging Provider based in Latin America and a very progressive, reliable, and trustworthy mobile marketing company. The company holds office in 12 Countries and is a leading Mobile Marketing Provider.
The in-house integrated Enterprise Messaging cloud platform called “Tellit!” is a complete Retail Messaging Platform providing to Brands much more than the essential messaging tools.
The platform is divided into two significant parts, the Channels, and The Products. This division provides Marketers’ all the tools needed for effective mobile marketing campaigns.
Among the basic channels and services, “Tellit” provides the instant creation of receipts or invoices. This gives brands the ability to send them via any messaging channel or chatbot as a short link.
This specific feature is crucial for major brands, companies, and organizations such as Finance, Retail, Government, Health Sector, Call Center.
“Tellit!” enterprise messaging platform is here to give to Marketers everything they need for efficient mobile marketing campaigns.