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MEF’s Future of Messaging Guide 2020 published in association with Syniverse explores the growth of business messaging via a series of interviews and case studies to showcase how messaging continues to evolve and enable better customer engagement.

Texts enable a wide variety of activities from authentication to delivery confirmation, special promotions and more. Rich communications channels such as RCS, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Viber etc along with the rise of bots and cloud-based communications mean that every department inside a business or organisation can integrate mobile messaging when talking to its customers, partners and suppliers. The 40-page guide is a comprehensive look at the trends, technologies, business personas and use cases driving the future of business messaging in a series of interviews and use cases across different sectors and regions including:

  • Centrica switching to text when a customer care agent is busy
  • Mercedes Benz and self-service in-car bots
  • How Milan Municipal Council used business messaging during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Maintaining customer experience in digital services with Santander
  • Surveying the world – a United Nations RCS use case with Vodafone
  • How Wargaming is using SMS authentication to make digital commerce safe

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About Syniverse

Syniverse is the world’s most connected company, reimagining how businesses connect, engage, and exchange with their customers. For decades, we’ve delivered the innovative software and services that transform mobile experiences and power the planet. Our secure global network reaches almost every person and device on Earth.

Our communications platform is industry-recognized as the best of its kind. And each year, we process over $35 billion in transactions, revolutionizing how goods and services are exchanged. Which is why the most recognizable brands—nearly every mobile communications provider, the largest global banks, the world’s biggest tech companies, and thousands more—rely on us to shape their future.

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What’s In The Guide?

  • The Past, Present and Future of Business Messaging

  • Bots, Self-serve, and Omnichannel

  • The Future: Cloud-based comms, RCS Shopping, and IoT Messaging

  • Business Messaging in action

Use Cases

  • Customer service

  • Social responsibility including health & public services

  • Sales and marketing

  • Messaging in the workplace

The Guide includes an exclusive interview with Jeff Bak, VP of Cloud Messaging Product Management at Syniverse who explores how should companies be preparing for the next stage of business messaging?

The first stage of CPaaS was very developer-centric. It targeted tech companies that were looking to disrupt traditional markets. But now more traditional bricks and mortar enterprises are looking at cloud-based comms. They are not coders at heart, and many are struggling with their digital transformation. It's not enough just to give them the APIs. We have to help them piece together the functionality made possible by the APIs, so they can have conversations with customers on their preferred channels. And when we get payment inside RCS, we'll see a new era of message-based mobile commerce mediated by bots. Customers will fire up their brand’s virtual agent and then answer a few questions to get to the item they want.