MEFFYS Nominations Now Closed

The Annual MEFFYS awards celebrate innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the Mobile Ecosystem, applauding the companies that have made a difference in 2020 across MEF’s core ecosystems.

This year’s awards are open to both member and non-member companies that have shown technical, business or use-case innovations which show new trends and potential in our industry.

To win a MEFFY is to be truly appreciated by your peers. The MEFFYS is a free award, it is not bought, it’s won by the getting support, appreciation and admiration in the industry.  To participate in the online voting, companies cannot self-nominate but they will have to be sponsored by another MEF member or they will be selected by one of our MEF Advisors. You do not need to be a MEF Member to become a MEFFY Winner. The winner will be selected by MEF members and MEF Minute subscribers. The full rules of entry can be found here.

The four categories for 2021 are:

Protecting the Mobile Customer

This category recognises the successful products & solutions that aim to protect end-users from the impact of cyber threats.

Richer Mobile Customer Engagement

Showcasing the mobile products and services that encourage the positive participation & engagement of customers.

Mobile Monetisation

This category celebrates the companies creating new business models, opportunities and whose products and services are enabling a sustainable ecosystem.

COVID19 Mobile Response

This category recognises companies serving the wider community during the unprecedented events of 2020’s global pandemic.

Nominations now closed