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Global Connectivity

What was 2023’s most innovative solution for global connectivity and roaming?

Making Roaming Interworking Secure

Signaling threats threaten the security of mobile networks and their users as traffic travels around the world. This abuse can include call and SMS interception, information theft, Denial of Service and the delivery of Spam & Smishing attacks.

As the leading Signaling Carrier for roaming interworking, BICS carries about 25% of the world’s traffic – around 60 billion MSUs (Message Signaling Units) travel across its network every day. BICS leverages this unique visibility on international threats alongside the power of AI/ML to proactively identify the malicious nodes where attacks are coming from. Additionally, BICS assesses the risk of identity theft (GT spoofing) that is often used to perpetrate messaging frauds incl. smishing campaigns.

BICS Intelligence is used not just to prevent attacks but to enrich other security platforms such as Intrusion Detection Systems or Firewalls with context and a holistic view of network activity. Detection of GT spoofing is also a dimension that doesn’t currently exist elsewhere in the ecosystem, and it can be used to support remediation, trace requests and avoid the blockage of abused legitimate nodes.

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Key Benefits:

  • Detection: BICS Threat Intelligence uses AI/ML to spot attackers regardless of the defences in place at the targeted operator. It also uses a crowdsourcing model to share the source of the attack with the rest of the community.
  • Protection: BICS threat intelligence can be used to prevent any traffic from problematic nodes, either on the BICS network or on the operator’s end. It also complements and improves the rule-based screening provided by Firewalls.
  • Security Analyst Experience: BICS Threat Intelligence provides rich contextual information available to security platforms for forensic investigations. Aside from the compound risk score, BICS provides information about node profile, traffic shape, type of attacks, node behaviour, age, and range reputation.
  • Data Service: In 2024, BICS will be enriching its TRUST Hub API service with Signaling Threat Intelligence as a new dimension so it can be used by the whole community. It is already in discussion with Firewall and Intrusion Detection System providers to natively integrate intelligence.

BICS is putting the light on the threat actors that were previously benefiting from a lack of visibility across malicious activity. By enabling the automated monitoring and sharing of information related among the community, BICS is taking a major step to building a secure and resilient mobile ecosystem, protecting mobile subscribers, and safeguarding the confidentiality of communications.

Connecting the unconnected

The digital divide poses a multi-faceted challenge. It doesn’t engulf one particular group of people in one place. Recognising this, BICS’ strategy to address the divide in the last year has involved taking a multi-pronged strategy, spanning satellite connectivity, VoLTE and post-sunset roaming interoperability, levelling up affordable mobile and digital services, and enhancing critical communications for remote and vulnerable communities.

Each partnership with high-profile telco players has secured a roadmap of meaningful improvements to digital communications that will significantly benefit the standard of living for remote and vulnerable regions worldwide, thanks to BICS’ considerable global mobile infrastructure backbone.

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Shrinking the Digital Divide with Satellite Connectivity: While many in urban areas may not think twice about mobile service, hundreds of millions globally face a digital divide, with billions occasionally disconnected. Lynk, a leader in satellite-direct-to-phone communications, partnered with BICS in 2023 to use its innovative satellite technology. This collaboration aims to extend affordable mobile coverage across North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and rural Africa without needing changes to existing mobile networks. This technology enables coverage in remote areas, benefiting those previously off the grid.

Post-Sunset International Roaming: As operators phase out 2G and 3G networks to make way for 4G/5G, concerns arise for those reliant on older technologies. To address this, BICS collaborated with Mavenir in 2023 to introduce a VoLTE solution facilitating seamless roaming between legacy and newer networks. This initiative ensures that roamers from 2G/3G networks can make calls and access emergency services on 4G/5G networks, leveraging BICS’ international roaming expertise and Mavenir’s software, ensuring continuity in the roaming experience.

Boosting Affordable Mobile and Digital Services in Africa: With the GSMA forecasting 340 million 5G connections in Africa by 2030, the push for accessible mobile and digital services is critical. BICS joined forces with MTN GlobalConnect in 2023 to offer a range of next-generation services to African operators, including cloud communications, enhanced roaming, and IoT solutions. This partnership is dedicated to enhancing the quality and reliability of communications for MTN’s 289 million subscribers in 17 countries, focusing on authenticity and trust.

Critical Communications for Remote and Vulnerable Communities: The need for effective warning systems is universal, given the array of threats from natural disasters to cyber-attacks. In 2023, BICS and Everbridge partnered to improve the Critical Event Management platform’s reach and reliability. This system alerts communities, businesses, and governments worldwide through various means, including texts and automated voice messages. Leveraging BICS extensive network of mobile operators enhances the platform’s ability to deliver timely, widespread, and secure emergency communications to those in need.

Empowered Digitalization


As an international communications solutions provider, our unique position in the telecom ecosystem stems from a combination of extensive industry presence, deep-seated expertise, and a steadfast commitment to technological innovation. With over 25 years of experience, we have not only established a significant footprint in the industry but also set ourselves apart with our proprietary technology. Our dedicated engineering team at the BTS Innovation Hub is leading the way in developing new solutions that are changing the future of telecommunications.

Our commitment to the industry extends beyond our innovations. We actively collaborate with key industry organizations such as the GLF Community, i3 Forum, MEF, CBAN, and GSMA to address challenges like diversity, sustainability, and fraud. As a notable investor in the communications sector, BTS Group aims to accelerate technological advancements and enhance customer experiences, partnering with specialized companies like MedUX for ultra-fast networks and Link for digital transformation initiatives.

With over 400 direct network partners and global connectivity reaching over 85% of the world’s population, we can provide tailored communication solutions that impact customers’ revenues and profitability. The diversity of the BTS team and our global presence positions us as a primary partner for Tier One and Tier Two players in both retail and wholesale markets.

Dotgo MaaP

Dotgo’s MaaP platform has been pivotal in driving significant progress and global influence in the RCS Business Messaging landscape. Monetized RBM traffic on Dotgo’s platforms has been doubling, leading to an unprecedented 500 million RCS business messages in 3Q 2024, reinforcing Dotgo’s leadership in scalable RCS solutions worldwide. Traffic has continued to grow exponentially since.

Dotgo’s MaaP has been instrumental in transforming India’s RBM landscape powering its partners in the phenomenal growth of the RBM service in India. In less than one year, the service has captured the imagination of Indian brands, enhancing user experiences, adhering to strict anti-spam policies, and supporting a wide network of aggregators. This has led to the efficient processing of billions of RBM messages, achieving impressive delivery, read, and response rates.

By integrating cutting-edge technology and dedicated service, Dotgo’s platform offers a superior RBM experience worldwide. Partners gain full market access to all RCS users through a simplified onboarding and verification process and support for key RCS APIs, enabling diverse RCS use cases.

Dotgo’s MaaP platform has not only accelerated RCS adoption but has also set a high benchmark for RCS platforms. The company’s strategic approach and notable achievements in a short period underscore its commitment to fostering localized innovation while steering global standards within the RCS ecosystem.

AnyNet SMARTconnect

The core challenges thwarting IoT device development are that devices take too long to develop, it’s difficult to design a device to communicate reliably on a global scale and organisations have a hard time operating and protecting these devices during their lifetime in the field. On top of this, other aggravating factors include the high price tag attached to product and software development costs, and specialist firmware engineers are in high demand and short supply, and come at a premium.

The Kaleido Intelligence 2022 Enterprise IoT survey of 750 global enterprises, who had implemented at least one IoT project, revealed that 84% of them ranked the complexities of designing an IoT device as their number one issue they experienced. Enterprises are not device experts and do not have the budget or the necessary skills, such as firmware design and testing, to achieve this. This clearly illustrates that a standard embedded connectivity software solution is needed to enable the device the intelligence to operate in different environments, detect connectivity, and optimise across multiple constraints, including battery performance, latency, and security.

AnyNet SMARTconnect addresses these issues with embedded intelligence. Organisations can cut development time by 50% and save thousands of annual recurring headcount costs when building connectivity intelligence and optimisation straight into their devices.

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AnyNet SMARTconnect in action

Eseye customer AmericanPharma has embedded the AnyNet SMARTconnectâ„¢ solution into PharmaWatch, its environmental monitoring devices for the medical industry, for their vaccine temperature monitoring during COVID. A lack of roaming capability meant its legacy device was limited to US-only coverage, and within that only the Verizon network.

Embedding Eseye’s AnyNet SMARTconnect software into its device enabled it to experience improved coverage across the US and allows it to expand its PharmaWatch application globally.

In July 2022, during the initial phase of commercial deployment, Rogers Communications suffered a massive network outage that affected all of its Canadian customers. While wireless connectivity remained active, the end-to-end data path was down. As a result, most IoT devices were offline for the full 19 hours.

This was not the case for American Pharma, however: all of the PharmaWatch devices with Eseye’s AnyNet SMARTconnect and AnyNet+ eSIM embedded were able to recover connectivity within 30 to 90 minutes, by redirecting traffic over the TELUS network. Resulting in minimum downtime and disruption in service for customers.

Casey Harris, Chief Technology Officer, AmericanPharma Technologies, said, “Our experience with Eseye has been exemplary. Eseye has proven to be a top-notch partner throughout this project – response times are quick, and the answers and help typically go above and beyond. Thanks to Eseye’s AnyNet SMARTconnect on-device connectivity intelligence, our new system is more reliable than Wi-Fi or the other cell system we previously offered. It is easier to sell, easier to install, easier to support, and, importantly, easier to scale. We now offer the best, most reliable, world-class system for our market supported by global, resilient connectivity.”

Mesh Ads

Globalgig delivers hyperconnectivity for enterprises and mobile employees worldwide, leveraging its integrated network platform, Orchestra.

Utilizing diverse technologies such as SD-WAN, wireless, UCaaS, and managed network services, Globalgig designs innovative solutions customized to enterprises’ unique needs and backed by the efficiency of a single provider.

Bank of Telecom

Bankoftelecom Marketplace: Revolutionizing Telecoms Trade and Empowering Industry Growth

Bankoftelecom Marketplace stands at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, providing a cutting-edge platform that redefines the buying and selling of voice and SMS routes. With its innovative Market view database and functionality, members can navigate 15M+ Voice prices and 10M+ SMS prices, test any routes before making purchases, and engage in transactions with newfound confidence, making it a standout contender for the MEFFYS Awards.

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Marketview Functionality:

The Marketview feature is the crown jewel of Bankoftelecom Marketplace, offering a comprehensive and real-time view of the telecom market. Members gain valuable insights into pricing trends, route quality, and market demand, empowering them to make data-driven decisions. This functionality acts as a strategic tool for traders and businesses, enabling them to stay ahead of market fluctuations and optimize their trading strategies for better profitability.

Efficient Buying and Selling of Voice and SMS Routes:

Bankoftelecom Marketplace simplifies the process of buying and selling voice and SMS routes. Members can list their routes or explore a diverse array of offerings from other participants. The platform's intuitive interface ensures a seamless transaction process, fostering efficient and secure exchanges. Whether a member is looking to expand their network or optimize their route selection, Bankoftelecom Marketplace provides the ideal environment for successful trading.

Route Testing for Informed Decision-Making:

In a groundbreaking move, Bankoftelecom Marketplace allows members to test any Voice and/or SMS routes before making a purchase. This feature enhances transparency and instills confidence by enabling buyers to evaluate the quality and reliability of routes firsthand. With the ability to test routes, members can make more informed decisions, minimizing risks and maximizing the value of their investments.

Driving Better Business Practices:

Bankoftelecom Marketplace goes beyond traditional trading by actively contributing to better business practices within the telecommunications industry. The Marketview functionality, combined with route testing capabilities, ensures that members engage in transactions with heightened confidence and accuracy. This results in a more transparent and efficient telecom ecosystem, ultimately driving better business outcomes for all participants.

MEFFYS Awards Contender:

Bankoftelecom Marketplace is poised to make a significant impact at the MEFFYS Awards, thanks to its innovative approach to telecom trade. The platform's Marketview functionality, coupled with the ability to test routes, plus number checking tools (such as MNP, Fraud test and Country Code tests) showcases a commitment to excellence and industry advancement. By empowering members to make informed decisions, fostering efficient trade practices, and contributing to the overall improvement of the telecommunications sector, Bankoftelecom Marketplace stands out as a strong contender for recognition at the MEFFYS Awards.

In summary, Bankoftelecom Marketplace stands as a beacon of innovation in the telecommunications industry, leveraging Marketview and route testing functionalities to redefine how voice and SMS routes are bought and sold. With its commitment to driving better business practices, the platform is well-positioned to earn accolades at the MEFFYS Awards, solidifying its status as a transformative force in the industry.


Karix Mobile: Leading Connectivity Solutions

In today’s interconnected world, the need for seamless global connectivity has never been more crucial. Businesses are expanding their reach across borders, facing challenges in maintaining reliable communication channels with their customers worldwide.

As enterprises navigate the complexities of global expansion, they encounter various connectivity hurdles, including different network infrastructures, regulatory requirements, and customer preferences.

Karix, a pioneer in the CPaaS landscape, understands these challenges and is committed to providing innovative solutions that enable businesses to overcome connectivity barriers and connect with their audiences effectively.

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Karix Mobile’s Commitment to Global Connectivity

Karix Mobile stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of global connectivity solutions. With a rich history of empowering businesses to effectively reach their customers, Karix Mobile offers a comprehensive suite of messaging channels tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprises worldwide. From SMS and voice to WhatsApp, RCS, and sophisticated chatbots powered by conversational AI, Karix Mobile’s platform ensures secure and seamless communication experiences at scale. With over two decades of expertise and processing over 800 billion interactions annually, Karix Mobile is the trusted partner for over 2000 enterprises globally, delivering unparalleled communication strategies that drive success.

Addressing the Challenge of Global Expansion

The story of a leading streaming service’s global expansion exemplifies the challenges and opportunities in global connectivity. With plans to launch its platform across 18 countries, the streaming service faced the daunting task of ensuring a seamless user login experience across diverse regions. The ability to provide secure and hassle-free access to its platform was critical for building trust and satisfaction among users, especially in the competitive digital media landscape.

Strategic Collaboration for Global Connectivity

In collaboration with Karix Mobile, the streaming service embarked on a journey to enhance its global connectivity and roaming solutions. The focus was on optimizing the user login experience through an efficient SMS OTP service, ensuring secure access to the platform for users across different geographies.

Impacts of the Collaboration:

Global Launch: Facilitated the successful rollout of the streaming service in 18 countries, reaching diverse audiences and expanding its global footprint in the digital media industry.

Service Excellence: Karix Mobile’s SMS OTP service ensured secure and hassle-free app logins, laying the foundation for user trust and loyalty.

Improved User Experience: The collaboration led to a streamlined and user-friendly login process, enhancing user retention and engagement.
Advancement in Digital Media Connectivity: Demonstrated the transformative potential of connectivity solutions in overcoming geographical and technological barriers, enhancing the streaming service's global reach and accessibility.

Transforming Digital Media Consumption

The partnership between the streaming service and Karix Mobile signifies a vision realized, connecting cultures and bringing global entertainment to millions of users worldwide. This collaboration underscores the transformative impact of connectivity solutions in the digital media sector, setting new standards for global content accessibility and user experience.

Leading Global Entertainment

The streaming service and Karix Mobile continue to lead the way in eliminating connectivity barriers, ensuring that global audiences stay connected and entertained. This partnership celebrates not only technological innovation but also the unifying power of entertainment in the globally connected digital landscape.

Embrace Global Connectivity

The success of the streaming service and Karix Mobile serves as an inspiration for businesses worldwide to embrace the possibilities of global connectivity. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the ability to overcome connectivity challenges and deliver seamless communication experiences is essential for driving success in the connected digital era.


netnumber’s NumeriCheck solution delivers one of the most advanced mechanisms available in today’s mobile ecosystem, capable of ensuring that brands, enterprises, and communications service providers can reliably and accurately screen for potential fraud activity and meet stringent new U.S. and global mandates.

This tool leverages extensive, real-time phone number intelligence data to achieve reliable phone number validation and certify the legitimacy and validity of global phone numbers for specific use cases, making it a foundational asset in the fight against a wide variety of sophisticated communications fraud.

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While other number verification tools rely on a single signal, NumeriCheck leverages hundreds for global coverage and unparalleled accuracy. Furthermore, what makes NumeriCheck different is its unique combination of granularity, accuracy, speed and data normalization. netnumber leverages intelligent algorithms that quickly distill data into an easy-to-use, standardized format. Without NumeriCheck’s ability to make data easily actionable and accessible for users, mobile communications providers and carriers cannot keep pace with rising demands due to the complexity of the global ecosystem’s data. The unparalleled depth of insight NumeriCheck delivers ensures organizations in the mobile ecosystem can solve a complex challenge: creating reliable security amidst phone numbers’ constant changes and highly dynamic nature.

For these reasons, NumeriCheck presents today’s most comprehensive, data-driven opportunity for robust phone number vetting, validation and fraud prevention on a global scale. Today, up to 20% of end user-provided phone numbers can be invalid, and over 10% of phone numbers port from one carrier to another in the U.S. This percentage is likely higher than this for other countries, in particular those with high prepaid penetration. Phone numbers also get deactivated and reassigned frequently, making number verification and rapid vetting/verification processes vital. This is why, from user account verification protocols to traffic routing use cases, NumeriCheck has been instrumental in the global communications landscape’s fight against bad actors and mobile fraud through its intelligent, data-based confidence index.

Viber Business Calls

Viber Business Calls enable users to make free international calls directly to a brand's landline call center through the Rakuten Viber app. This service is unique in the messaging app industry, working as an in-app call center to enhance the customer experience. With this product, users can seamlessly transition from chatting with a brand to making a call within the same app, eliminating the need to switch applications.

All business calls are free for users, regardless of their location. This is particularly beneficial for serving customers calling from abroad, such as foreign travellers seeking information about their booking or local bank clients experiencing issues with their credit cards overseas.

Offering free support calls for customers anywhere boosts global brand accessibility, elevates crisis management capabilities, and provides a competitive advantage for any brand using it.

Software Defined Mobile Core

IOT Solutions and use case are becoming ever more critical to society.  Faced with increased regulatory restrictions and growing complex customer requirements relating to security, reliability, performance, data sovereignty and cost management – traditional network architectures fall short on delivery.

In response to this stacuity has developed a globally distributed innovative, software-defined mobile core network technology which empowers IoT connectivity providers and customers to manage mobile services with equal levels of real-time / self-serve control, agility and cost efficiency typically associated with the public cloud services. 

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stacuity’s programmable network technology replaces a conventional mobile core network with a purpose built self-sustained stack to meet IoT customers growing requirements. Globally scalable, software defined and cloud-centric, API first platform with no dependencies on generic industry standards or vendors – enabling commercial technical flexibility.  

stacuity enables the customer to take control and access: –

–     Self-service, real-time configuration for all features – cloud agility for mobile

–     Real-time signalling events and instant packet capture – with ability to download results into your favourite utility.

–     Utilise continuous reachability monitoring and audit trail for compliance.

–     Global PoPs and localised P-GW’s, with ability to rapidly deploy dedicated local instances at low capex cost.

–     Apply routing policies providing granular control over network traffic for enhanced security.

–     Set roaming network operator policies per SIM, in real-time.

–     Create and manage virtual private slices of mobile connectivity for SIMs or groups of SIMs, on demand

–     Utilise remote device fault resolution via embedded SSH terminal.

–     So much more……

stacuity are partnering with MNO and MVNO’s to provide a new approach to IOT Connectivity.

–     MNOs to complement traditional core network solutions via a simple integration, enabling innovation and differentiation to basic connectivity solutions.

–     MVNO’s providing a cost effective core mobile network solution or access to a unique advanced featured, competitively priced customisable SIM.  

Customer Quote David Santibanez CEO Moabits: 

Moabits are delighted to partner with stacuity. The stacuity solution will greatly enhance our own Orion platform and enable us to differentiate ourselves in the market against incumbent players. Together we will grow!’

Enabling 5G SA Roaming.

5G represents a new scenario where ultra-high speed, quality and latency will be key to connecting billions of devices around the world. This new technology brings with it innovations in architecture and protocols. These affect both domestic and roaming operations, including in this latter area, the introduction of http/2 as the signalling protocol and Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) as the network border node.

With the aim of democratising access to 5G roaming for all types of operators, the solution deployed by Telefónica Global Solutions is based on the hosted/outsourced SEPP concept. We provide our customers with the SEPP infrastructure, the SEPP operation, the connectivity to roaming partners and the management of the technical relationship with them in an “as a Service” model. With this managed approach we relieve our customers of the burden of international connectivity while maintaining all communications under their identity.

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Telefónica Global Solutions has successfully completed a Proof of Concept (PoC) between Europe and Brazil based on its Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) solution to test an end-to-end real-world 5G Standalone roaming traffic environment. The experience has taken place on the production nodes of Telefónica Global Solutions.

Thanks to the 5G core infrastructure of a European and Brazilian operator and the SEPP intermediate infrastructure of Telefónica Global Solutions, this PoC represents another solid step to help operators reduce the overall complexity and be ready for the upcoming 5G SA roaming agreements. In this way, Telefónica Global Solutions will be able to continue to offer the best quality for 3G & 4G signalling and support mobile operators in their transition to 5G.

Testing will include intermediate SEPP functionalities on (PLMN) control plane interfaces, Transport Layer Security (TLS) Implementation, certificate exchanges between SEPPs and Inter-PLMN (N32) signalling, network slicing capabilities for Enhanced Mobile Broadband (EMBB) and charging functions towards BCE. In addition, to enable our 5G Roaming Signalling Service, Telefónica Global Solutions has deployed a pair of virtualised SEPP nodes in Frankfurt and in London, with a second deployment in América under development.

Beyond the Horizon: A Roadmap for Inclusive and Sustainable Connectivity

Beyond the Horizon: A Roadmap for Inclusive and Sustainable Connectivity

Telin, a subsidiary of the biggest telco provider in Indonesia, Telkom Indonesia (NYSE: TLK) is a digital telco that remains steadfast in our commitment to expanding our global infrastructure. With the goal of solidifying Indonesia’s position as a hub for digital connectivity in the Asia-Pacific region, Telin is actively cultivating digital infrastructure and platforms, catalyzing the evolution of the digital ecosystem.

We serve more than 250 million customers in Asia Pacific, aligning with our vision to be preferred digital infrastructure and platform partner for Enterprise and Hyperscaler Growth in the Asia-Pacific.

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Telin’s Global Submarine Cable Systems
Our extensive range of products and solutions is underpinned by robust infrastructure capabilities, particularly in submarine cable systems. With 250,140 km of submarine cables connecting Asia Pacific, Europe, and America, Telin owns 8 subsea cable systems (DMCS, BSCS, TIS, SJC, AAG, SEAMEWE5, SEAUS, IGG), and in development are SJC 2, Bifrost (expected to complete in 2024), and SEAMEWE6 (expected to complete in 2025), adding 15 IRU-owned subsea cable systems to its portfolio.

Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves as the sole carrier offering a direct route between the USA and Southeast Asia (SEA-US and Bifrost) through our proprietary Indonesia Global Gateway (IGG). This route extends to the Middle East and Western Europe (SEA-ME-WE-5), strategically bypassing earthquake-prone regions such as the South China Sea, Luzon Strait, and Japan.

With both SEA-US and Bifrost being the favorite routes that attracted our customers/partners, connecting Indonesia via Manado directly to the USA, in 2022, Telin launched Manado as the second internet gateway after Batam with aims to enhance latency & customer experience Improvement as well as an opportunity for people in the east part of Indonesia to have the same access of connectivity.

Our company is actively engaged in various projects exploring the future of digital connection, pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Bifrost Cable System, the world’s first subsea cable system that directly connects Singapore to the west coast of North America via Indonesia through the Java Sea and Celebes Sea. Expected to be completed in 2024 and spanning over 15,000 km, the Bifrost Cable System will connect Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Guam and the west coast of North America. When fully commissioned, the multiple fiber paired, high performance Bifrost Cable System will also be the largest capacity high-speed transmission cable across the Pacific Ocean.
The upcoming submarine cable system in addition to Bifrost is the SEA-ME-WE-6 and SJC-2 cable system. SEA-ME-WE-6 initiates the development of a 19,200-kilometer cable system that will link Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Anticipated to be operational in 2025, SEA-ME-WE 6 promises unparalleled diversity and resilience for the growing traffic between Asia and Europe, featuring an impressive capacity surpassing 100 terabytes per second. Additionally, this cable system will deliver one of the lowest latencies along this crucial route.

In addition, to meet the surging demand for high-bandwidth connectivity between Singapore and Hong Kong, a powerhouse consortium of 10 leading telecoms – Telin, CMI, CHT, DHT, Meta, KDDI, Singtel, SKB, True, and VNPT – are constructing a cutting-edge "hot route" boasting an impressive 8 FP x 12 Tbps design capacity, named SJC 2. Stretching from Singapore to Hong Kong with onward reach to Japan, this submarine cable system is set to revolutionize digital connectivity across the region, with an estimated ready-for-service date in Q3 of 2024. This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of these industry giants to providing robust and scalable infrastructure for the ever-growing appetite for data in the Asia-Pacific.

Manado as the Second Gateway
In 2022, Telin inaugurated Manado as the second internet gateway following Batam, with the objectives of improving latency, enhancing customer experience, and providing equal connectivity access for individuals residing in the eastern regions of Indonesia.

Previously, 16 out of 17 international cable systems in Indonesia (owned by Telkom Group & other providers) are directed to Singapore & Malaysia. It caused Potential High Risk as Single Point of Failure with Density level of cable system in/to Batam, in Singapore, and Malacca Strait particularly, are very high. The risk is too big to handle once a massive disruption happens due to natural causes or submarine anchor activities.

Moving Forward
Recently, we've initiated a new phase in the submarine cable project, concentrating on creating additional ultra-low latency routes that integrate unique pathways and facilitate direct data center-to-data center access. This endeavor strengthens Telin's standing as a prominent player in the worldwide digital infrastructure arena in Asia Pacific. This development is called Indonesia Cable Express (ICE), a full integration of 7 systems, envisioning a Connected World, with speed, reliability and cost efficiency being the prime focus.

The project will offer the several benefits such as:
– Latest SDN Tech, to respond to the Exponential growth in hyperscale bandwidth requirement.
– Connected, which means ability to provide Connectivity across all major DC destinations in the world
– Diversed route & landings, to Provide diversity through route differentiation and to improve the reliability and performance of data transfers.
– Ultra Low Latency, to keep up with the needs real-time responsiveness of global connectivity, such as online gaming and financial trading, this project will amplify the shortest path choice of route.

With these systems in place, we're not just broadening connectivity; we're also unlocking a realm of opportunities for businesses, communities, and individuals alike.

In recent news, Telin has just unveiled the commencement of development for several systems within the ICE projects, namely ALPHA (integrating multiple systems) and ICE 4.

The ALPHA project aims to interconnect Singapore, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, and beyond, with consortium partners such as Telin, KT Corporation (KT), and an undisclosed Japanese-based entity.

The ALPHA cable features at least eight fiber pairs with 18 Tbps per fiber pair, enabling seamless and high-capacity transmission of data across the East and Southeast Asian regions. The ALPHA consortium aims to come into force in the third quarter, contract in 2024 and will sequentially proceed with procedures for selecting a turn-key supplier and preparation to deliver the contract. The ALPHA cable system is expected to be ready for service by the first quarter of 2027.

Another ICE system that has just been announced is ICE 4, a 11,000km data center to DC system connecting Intra Asia to India and the Middle East.

Spanning approximately 11,000km, this new system plans to deploy the latest open cable technologies and subsea ROADMs to interconnect Indonesia and Singapore to India, Oman, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

The ICE IV Project will adopt an entirely new route through the Sunda Strait and become the first international cable to land in Kochi, India in decades; offering an alternate resilient route and new international gateway. Terrestrial extensions are being considered also include links between the Middle East and Egypt and between Kochi and Chennai, together making this ICE IV Project unique. The target ready for service date is Q4, 2027.

IPN Steering On Demand

With the introduction of new technologies, operators need to continue delivering better financial results and ensure high-quality services for their subscribers. This becomes even more challenging, considering the roaming ecosystem is getting more complex while wholesale budgets often remain unchanged. TOMIA constantly innovates its Roaming VAS to provide accurate visibility, control, and cross-service automation to help mobile operators maintain viable and profitable roaming business.

TOMIA’s IPN (Intelligent Preferred Network) Steering On Demand optimizes wholesale costs by addressing operators’ needs to react quickly to steering. The service goes beyond standard steering to offer immediate traffic redistribution and annual savings of up to a few hundred thousand dollars for a tier-1 operator. Various use cases are supported, such as ensuring the continuity of the voice service by instantly moving devices between networks depending on their VoLTE status or fixing leakages to more expensive networks.

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The evolution of roaming should not be bound to coverage availability and device capabilities. TOMIA is transforming Quality of Service (QoS) to address specific business needs. With this goal in mind, IPN incorporated a QoS-based steering functionality designed to improve the roamer’s registration process beyond non-coverage incidents. The logic calculates a QoS score for partner networks based on historical registration events and adjusts steering decisions to avoid service interruption, registration delays, and connectivity issues. The QoS-based steering does not depend on external inputs and can improve user experience without negatively impacting costs.

As more operators invest in 5G SA roaming, it is imperative to comprehend the critical role of SEPP (Security Edge Protection Proxy) in improving roaming business efficiency aside from ensuring secure communication. IPN benefits from insights gathered from analysing mobility events, device behaviour, and network performance to enhance its QoS steering logic, automatic IoT traffic segmentation, and more.

TOMIA offers real-time roaming value-added services to mobile operators worldwide, connecting business decisions with seamless network execution. Our long track experience of over 25 years and market expertise allow us to offer customized solutions and services tailored to the specific needs of individual operators or large groups.


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