Global mobile news round-up 28th July

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. This week.. Facebook shares hit record high as mobile ad sales soar, Netflix is getting a big boost in subscribers from mobile, China’s new play to dominate Africa is cheap smartphones and much more…

Facebook Inc’s (FB.O) mobile advertising business grew by more than 50 percent in the second quarter, the company said in its earnings report on Wednesday, as the social network continued to establish itself as the venue of choice for an ever-growing array of online advertisers.

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Industry Views: the persistence of fraud in enterprise messaging

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While SMS continues to evolve technically and grow in volume as brands and enterprises increasingly use mobile messaging for authentication, customer engagement and marketing, it is at risk of being undermined by rogue players finding new loopholes to exploit.

MEF’s recent Enterprise Mobile Messaging Fraud Framework was produced by a cross-sector messaging working group from the Future of Messaging Programme. The Framework looks in depth at the issues of identity & data theft, network manipulation and commercial exploitation of enterprise messaging. The guide details 13 fraud types, and offers practical information on how to identify and deal with them.

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On Device Research insight: the rise and rise of rewarded mobile video ads

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Video ads outscore all other formats by all measures of effectiveness – and none more so than ‘rewarded’ video ads. MEF Minute talked to market analyst On Device Research about the impact of this rising medium…

Facebook recently gave game developers a new ad option: rewarded video.

The logical reaction to this news from market watchers was: what took you so long?

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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – Infinite Convergence on the value of secure messaging

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Secure messaging is critically important for any enterprise with sensitive information to protect. Infinite Convergence developed the NetSfere app to give enterprise employees safe messaging that’s also fun to use. MEF Minute spoke to the firm at Money 20/20 last month.

Around a decade ago, digital technology and the smartphone changed the workplace. Gradually, people stopped using their company desktops and laptops exclusively for work, and began to do business from their own mobile devices.

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MEF Member News – July 24

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What’s the news from the MEF community? Here’s your weekly round up of all the latest announcements from MEF members including product launches, partnerships, research insights and more…

Car owners are some of the most sought-after consumers in the world – and now Verve and Urban Science have teamed up to target them. The partners will give advertisers the ability to identify these consumers via Verve’s location-based ad platform. They can then create campaigns, scalable to any budget, that target in-market car shoppers.

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Global mobile news round-up, 21st July

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world.

This week.. ECJ rule on whether ‘right to be forgotten’ can stretch beyond EU, Google Glass returns, WhatsApp messages are being blocked in China… and much more.

The European court of justice (ECJ) is set to rule on a landmark case over whether or not the so-called “right to be forgotten” can and should stretch beyond EU borders.

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The cold logic of Iceland’s personal data breakthrough

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Iceland has become the first country in the world to give its citizens full control over their medical records – with financial data next on the list. MEF Minute examines this landmark launch, and what it means for the personal data economy movement…

It’s fair to say Iceland is a country that punches above its weight.

Nine years ago the chilly island of 330,000 people played a central role in the collapse of the global banking system.

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Video: MEF members at Money 20/20 – DOCOMO Digital targets the sharing economy

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The sharing economy has a payment problem. It’s complex to manage millions of small transactions. This is why DOCOMO Digital launched NOMO. Hiroyuki Sato, CEO of DOCOMO Digital, explained it to MEF Minute…

“The sharing economy is commerce with the promise of a human connection. We think of the big guys like Uber and AirBnB, but everyone can be a vendor of any kind. They can contribute to society. It’s a really important aspect of the future. And NOMO is helping with this evolution.”

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One billion Windows 10 users: Grahame Riddell on Microsoft’s grand DCB vision

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“You don’t need a Windows Phone to be very good customer of Microsoft,” says Grahame Riddell. And he should know. Microsoft’s Director of Carrier Billing is working hard to bring Charge-to-Bill to a potential one billion Windows 10 users on Laptops, Surface, Xbox and even Hololens. He outlined his project to MEF Minute…
On August 24 1995, tens of thousands of people queued up to buy the Windows 95 CD-ROM. They paid $210 for a copy. And by the end of the year, sales hit 40 million.

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Enterprise Messaging Fraud Framework 2.0: what is SMS Phishing?

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Enterprise messaging fraud costs the industry an estimated $2 billion per anum and is a persistent threat to consumer trust. Ultimately it undermines the long-term sustainability of all players within the enterprise messaging ecosystem.

MEF’s recently published Enterprise Mobile Messaging Fraud Framework 2.0, developed by MEF’s cross-sector Working Group and part of the Future of Messaging Programme, identifies the 13 types fraud types that are affecting the messaging ecosystem and the measures needed to tackle these sharp practices. This week, we take a look at SMS Phishing.

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