Global mobile news round-up, August 23rd

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. This week.. Google stops sending Android cell signal data over privacy concerns, China to drive 5G device boom, mobile data consumption in India rose 56-fold in four years and much more.
Google’s increased focus on privacy led it to quietly drop a service for carriers.

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The future of Digital identity: Trends and developments

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Iain McCallum, mobile industry veteran and MEF Advisor explores the future of Trust and identity in the digital eco-system in a series of webinars and articles. Here he shares impressions from the EEMA London event and outlines some of the discussions being held about current thinking on digital identity and what our online interactions may look like in the future.

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Digital Identity interview: Andrew Bud, iProov

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MEFTV speaks to Andrew Bud, MEF Global Chair and Founder and CEO of iProov, during EEMA London 2019 about the challenges of digital identity and how the industry is going about resolving the issue of reliably establishing online identity for transactions and interactions.

“We found it helpful to break the role of digital identity into three big functions; one is the collection and storage of attributes about a person, the bits and pieces of information that make a person’s identity.”

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MEF Member News, August 19th

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Get the latest news, announcements and interviews from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news…

Mobile commerce company Bango has partnered with Spotify to increase global access to the streaming service. Spotify is targeting continued premium subscriber growth and recently struck a deal with AT&T in the US on bundling for the telecoms giant’s customers. Spotify has previously partnered with Hulu and Showtime on bundle offers.

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Internet Business Models are changing – around Personal Data

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The major discussion across Internet players today is about the future model to collect, manage and monetise personal data. MEF CEO Dario Betti calls for businesses to help define the opportunities at the heart of the next crucial phase of the Internet’s development.

Much of the early Internet experience was based on advertising revenues, often relying on companies collecting data without clear consent from users and sharing it with a large number of advertisers and intermediaries to provide ‘better profiling’ of customers.

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How the Internet of Things is transforming Smart Cities

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MEF Member JT Global share their unique insights into the future of Smart Cities and how the Internet of Things will pave the way for lifestyles that until recently might have been considered to be pure science fiction.

The idea of the “Smart City,” is something we’ve been dreaming of since the days of The Jetsons and Back to The Future II – but what exactly makes a city “smart”?

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MWC Shangai 2019: The new digital economy will drive private networks

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In his final post from MWC Shanghai Shiv Putcha, Principal Analyst at emerging tech specialists Mandala Insights, discusses the role of private networks in the new digital economy and why 5G will allow for the deployment of truly private enterprise networks.

As 5G is rolled out across Chinese cities, the technology will turbo charge the drive to digitally transform China’s immense industrial landscape, with an early focus on targeted vertical applications that in many cases will be run as private networks.

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Interview: Michael Paxman, Adjust

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MEFTV speaks to Michael Paxman, Global Project Communications lead at Adjust who shares his views on the issue of mobile marketing fraud, and the extent to which it represents a problem for the industry, and how he sees the app ecosystem developing in the future.

“Mobile fraud is rampant, in part because it is very easy to execute. But fraudsters are very rarely caught, and even if they are, regulation hasn’t yet caught up with the issue. There is often no punishment for those found to be carrying out fraud, leaving them free to move onto exploiting the next app on their list.”

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