Executive Insights: Raul Castanon-Martinez, 451 Research

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Most enterprises still allow their employees to use insecure messaging apps to exchange private data. And even when they mandate more secure alternatives, workers often bypass them. Why is this? Raul Castanon-Martinez, Senior Analyst – Workforce Collaboration, 451 Research, shares his insights in this exclusive Future of Messaging series video supported by Infinite Convergence.

In 2017, 451 Research launched a paper that revealed the extent to which consumer software and devices had infiltrated the workplace.

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Global mobile news roundup, April 19th

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from around the world. This week.. Facebook copied email contacts of 1.5 million users, FCC Chief Moves to Deny China Mobile’s Bid to Enter U.S., Fraudulent apps surge 159% as mobile ad spending rises and much more.

Facebook “unintentionally” uploaded the email contacts of more than 1.5 million users without asking permission to do so, the social network has admitted. The data harvesting happened via a system..

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The security of SMS One Time Password

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Lee Suker from XConnect explains the vulnerabilities of SMS ‘One Time Passwords’ (OTP) that enable a wide variety of use cases from signing up to new Internet services to confirming financial transactions. The battle for security is a constant one, and must be fought effectively. Operators and the mobile ecosystem are responding to the threat by making investments in solutions and collaborating on best practices.

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Executive Insights: RealNetworks on advances in facial recognition technology

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RealNetworks’ investment in machine learning tech has yielded many diverse results. Last year, it moved the company into the facial recognition space. In an exclusive video, RealNetworks’ Mike Vance talks about the SAFR platform…

Most people would know RealNetworks as a streaming music and video specialist. Many MEF insiders might think of RealNetworks as a company that can classify text messages at scale.

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Trust In The Digital Economy – MEF Webinar

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Or to give it’s complete title – ‘Trust In The Digital Economy: how can Identity solutions help mitigate the erosion of consumer trust in transaction digital services?’.

In our recent webinar on the Identity and Privacy series, Iain McCallum checks how can Identity solutions help mitigate the erosion of consumer trust in transaction digital services?’ The panel included the MD of mVine, Frank Joshi, Shawn Brown, CEO of Trunomi and David Pollington of the GSMA.

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Member Interview: mGage

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MEFTV speaks to Nick Millward, VP Europe for mobile engagement specialists mGage during MWC 2019, where he explains their view on mobile messaging and especially how RCS may impact the future of messaging.

He talks about how mGage believes in RCS messaging and that they as a business are heavily invested in RCS and that they truly believe RCS can provide brands the solution with all the relevant privacy and conformity to regulation, that the brands demand. He goes on to say that he believes that RCS is moving in the right direction and that we will start to see brands come on board because the market share will be there – we’ll have the coverage required to make this a truly scaleable and global solution.

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Cellular IoT: the agony and the ecstasy of connecting millions of things

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The mobile industry is on the threshold of a new era. In a few years, it could put SIMs in billions of machines. Can it rise to the challenge of securing these devices? And devising suitable new commercial models? At MWC19, MEF and Cellusys gathered a panel to discuss.

It’s been said many times before. Mobile World Congress is no longer about phones.

Mobile handsets are just not that interesting any more. What’s more, the smartphone market might well be vast and vibrant, but it has flatlined. Now, the attention has switched to ‘things’.

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MEF Member news, April 15th

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Get the latest announcements from MEF Members across the mobile ecosystem globally in this weekly review of member news…

Telefónica launched an IoT security business unit that, in addition to detecting threats, will also offer credential management for connected devices and domain name system (DNS) security. The aptly named IoT Cybersecurity Unit leverages the carrier’s existing network infrastructure and its IoT connectivity management platform, Kite Platform.

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Mobile News Round-up, April 12th

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Find out the week’s top mobile stories from across the web. This week.. Google pays out $3 million to plug Android security, Facebook may let you chat without Messenger, Mobile industry pushes 5G as EU debates Wi-Fi for connected cars and much more…

Google last year paid out $3 million through its rewards programmes, which pay cash to people who can spot security vulnerabilities in its apps and products.

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Executive Insights #MWC19 Special : Anurag Lal, CEO, Infinite Convergence

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Messaging has triumphed in the consumer space. Now, it’s invading the workplace. And why not? Messaging helps people work faster and smarter. But there’s a problem: security. In this exclusive Future of Messaging series video, Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence, addresses the topic…

When Infinite Convergence launched the secure enterprise messaging product NetSfere in 2014, it did so with three insights. The first was that messaging had taken hold of the consumer imagination. People loved that messaging was asynchronous, personal and immediate. So much better than email or, God forbid, fax.

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