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Historical context, market data and future trends

What is the current state of mobile content and advertising? How large are these important markets? What new trends are driving them?

These are significant questions. And the answers are revealed in MEF’s new Market Review.

The publication is the first in a series based around MEF’s six industry programmes (Mobile Content and Advertising, IoT, Enterprise Communications, Personal Data and Identity, Payments, Connectivity), which we will release over the coming months.

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At present, it’s hard for industry professionals to find reliable market data and thoughtful analysis in one place. Typically, such information is scattered across the web or buried in expensive reports.

MEF Market Reviews tackle this problem. They provide MEF members and the wider mobile community with a single publication that collects essential metrics and sector insights in a single destination. As such, the Mobile Content and Advertising Market Review includes:

  • Historical review: how the market evolved

  • Top line mobile content data: key app business stats

  • Mobile gaming deep dive: market data and future trends – metaverse, cloud, contextual ads

  • Analysis: payment models for mobile content

  • Top line mobile ad data

  • Emerging mobile ad trends

  • Mobile ad value chain map

The yearbook also sets out the work being undertaken by MEF’s Mobile Content and Advertising programme, and the activities of its members.

The ad ecosystem plays a central role in the ongoing progress of mobile content. It’s now a vibrant and dynamic space. It’s for these reasons that ‘content and advertising’ exist together as one of MEF’s six ecosystem programmes.

So what is the current state of content and advertising in 2022? How large are these markets? What form do they take? What are their key challenges and opportunities? In this market review, we will attempt to shed light on these questions and provide you with a useful and convenient resource based on MEF’s unparalleled 22 year experience and insight.

Dario BettiMEF CEO