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MEF Leadership Forum Italy – On Demand


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Is Italy building the right digital infrastructure to power up a stronger country? Can it play a leading role in the making of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Lagging years behind South Korea, China and the US in the roadmap for the 5G rollout, will Italy make up time?

In order to get the answers, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum hosted the leaders from Italian telecom, and the new world of mobile services in Rome . Reenergising the tenth largest economy in the world will require an unprecedented level of collaboration between business, the public sector and broader stakeholders in society. MEF Leadership Forum Rome brought together the key players: industry leaders, policymakers and regulators to talk about interaction, orientation and support to the change.

Welcome Address

  • Dario Betti, CEO – Mobile Ecosystem Forum
  • Andrew Bud CBE FREng FIET, Founder & CEO iProov, MEF Chairman, mBlox Founder, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering

The Rules of The Game: What Regulatory Framework For The Digital Age?

How is the structure of the Italian telecom market changing in order to support the new demands of a digital future? What rules are needed for the New Industrial Revolution?

  • Innocenzo Genna, Lawyer Digital Regulation Europe
  • Laura Aria, Commisar – AGCOM

The next Italian Digital Infrastructure

In the early 2000s Italy was the leading mobile telecom market: leading for innovation and service evolution. Will Italy manage to re-gain leadership in the Mobile Digital Infrastructure? What are the priorities for a faster deployment? Italy’s share of the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan supports the digital transition with investments in connectivity, to foster the widespread deployment of very high capacity networks, including 5G and fibre (€ 6.7 billion). What is missing to the telecom infrastucture in Italy: capital, knowledge, entrepreneurship, competition, state support?

  • Flavio Tosi, MP, Transport and Telecommunications Committee – Camera Forza Italia
  • Anthony Emanuele Barbagallo, MP, Transport and Telecommunications Committee – Camera Partito Democratico

The Challenges for Mobile Operators in Europe

The panel will discuss the current competitive scenario for mobile operators and how digitization can act as a booster, as well as reflect on the commercial trends of the Italian market.

  • Gianluca Benedetti, Chief Revenue Officer – Mexedia
  • Simon Franco Pecorelli, Chief Regulatory Affairs – Intermatica
  • Egidio Paraggio, Head of Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management Solution Center – Engineering

The New Role of Digital Identity

The need for trusted, secure and smooth digital identity is a trend across organizations of all kinds: private companies, government bodies and civil society associations. What’s on the horizon for future identity?

  • Andrew Bud CBE, Founder and CEO – iProov Limited
  • Max Pellegrini, CEO – Namirial

From Mobile Journalism to Influencer Reporters – The impact of mobile on news gathering and public debate

  • Francesco Cancellato, Editor in Chief – Fanpage

Artificial Intelligence. The New Content Creation Models

How is artificial intelligence modifying the patterns of content creation? What are the benefits and limitations of using AI to create content?And what are the ethical considerations? Our panel will look for answers.

  • Andrea Ciucci, Coordinating Secretary – Pontifical Academy for Life

A Deep-Dive on Digital Identity: What Role Do Phone Numbers Play — and How Do We Protect Them?

In a technological, communications-rich world, it might not be an overstatement to say our identities (or at least our digital identities) can be summed up in one or even a couple of simple numbers. The phone numbers we use — most commonly associated with our personal smartphones — have become one with who we are and are the cornerstone of our digital, mobile footprint. As such, their importance can’t be understated as more enterprises, brands and municipalities look to establish their own digital identities.

Today, advanced messaging is creating new avenues of business and mission-critical communications, and every organization that takes part in this evolution will need to consider who they are and what their digital identity will be. That means understanding the role of the phone number and how these numbers are stored, accessed and used — as well as how they’re protected. In this session, attendees can expect to take a deep dive into this part of the evolving mobile ecosystem, providing answers to questions surrounding the possibility of using any phone number (including landlines) for texting, how app-based messaging factors in and more.

  • Marco Lafrentz, VP of Business and Market Development – netnumber Global Data Services
  • Roberto Peretto, Sales Manager – netnumber Global Data Services

The Telecom Platform -The Evolutions of Services

Join Telenor Linx Sales Director Strategic Sales Zheni Konstantinova and Sales Director Digital Sales Frode André Alvad for an exciting panel that will explore the evolution of services on the edge between the traditional world of telecom and software flexibility. What does it mean to offer a managed service? We specifically look at new ways of customer engagement, explore the magic a platform as service offers and discuss why scale is the game changer in the market.

  • Zheni Konstantinova, Strategic Sales Director – Telenor Linx
  • Frode André Alvad, Sales Director – Telenor Linx

From Omni-Channel to Omni-Access

The speech will discuss and showcase how a company avatar can enable brands to have an even more evolved and natural relationship with their customers.

  • Giovanni Mannarino, Sales and Operations Director – Mexedia

Interview: How Do the Italians Pay

Mobile payments are becoming popular but the war on cash meets resistance on several fronts. How to foster the digital culture? What are the strategies for innovative payments solutions?

  • Giuseppe Era, Product Manager Mobile Payment – Intesa San Paolo

Games are Literature. Meet Dmitry Glukhovsky, Viral Author, Creator of Metro 2033 Universe.

He wrote “Metro 2033” when he was 17 and posted it online, because he wanted his literature “to spread like a virus”. So it was: over five million free downloads. Then the book and its sequels were published in print, in 37 languages. Afterwards, they became a video game series – authored by Dmitry himself – and a multimedia franchise. Dmitry created an entire “Metro universe”, which has a life of its own. He says games are an integral part of his literary work.

“Metro 2033” books and games tell about a post-apocalyptic universe set within the Moscow metro, where the last survivors hide after a global nuclear holocaust. Dmitry is from Moscow and discovered that the underground of the Russian capita is also the world’s biggest nuclear shelter. The parallels with today’s reality in Ukraine and the risks facing the world are astonishing. «When I saw people in Kyiv or Kharkiv using the metro as a shelter, like the characters in my novels, I was horrified», he says.

Dmitry has protested against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Accused of discrediting the Russian Army due to a post he made on Instagram, he faces up to 15 years in prison after a Moscow District Court ordered his arrest in absentia. He left Russia just in time. He now lives in a secret place in Europe. He has a great story to tell. Listen to him.

  • Dmitry Glukhovsky, Author

The Future of Non-Fungible Tokens

How are the utility and gaming industry picking up on the potential of the NFTs? Can they develop into functional and sustainable tokens you can use in daily life?

  • Daniele Mensi, Chief Executive Officer – DigitalBits