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There is a major disruption ongoing in communications between businesses and consumers. This includes messaging from the business Application-to-Person (A2P) but also messages initiated by the customer known as Person-to-Application (P2A).

While many businesses have been utilising A2P messaging via SMS for many years, familiarity with designing and deploying mobile P2A communications is less widespread and MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme has developed a Guide to RCS Conversational Commerce to look at the rich P2A messaging experience enabling conversational commerce.

Businesses need to understand how to engage with this new communication trend, and how to prepare for it. The guide looks at the commercial opportunity for businesses adopting RCS for P2A messaging, both for marketing and customer support purposes. It explains the background and opportunity of conversational commerce including maximising marketing ROI using P2A and driving customer support efficiency as well as looking at the different channels for chatbot technology.

The guide, developed in conjunction with MEF members, also provides recommendations for any business considering deploying RCS P2A messaging:

  • Understanding your use cases

  • Maximise reach – think multichannel

  • Plan for discovery

  • Compare commercial models

  • Permission management

  • Fraud management and prevention

  • Chatbot quality control

  • Privacy

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MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme brings together all stakeholders in the enterprise messaging ecosystem.

Founded in 2015, the global and self-funded programme aims to accelerate best practices by advocating self-regulation in order to limit fraudulent behaviours and supports its participants address market challenges through collaboration and leverage new business opportunities.

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