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Dawood Ghalaieny - Cellusys

Dawood’s vision for the MEF centers around growing its influence within the IoT sphere and establishing best practices and security to ensure that the value of the integrity of the mobile ecosystem remains high. His belief that security is key to ensuring digital trust and digital identity at the core of mobile infrastructure remains intact. It is important the use of the word “Ecosystem” re-enforces the fact that we all members have a part to play.

Dawood will play a pivotal role in growing the awareness and inclusion of IoT within the MEF having been part of establishing the first MEF initiatives. Dawood aims to play a role in growing the MEF membership my making it more relevant inside and out as well as increased member engagement.”

Having come from a long history within the mobile ecosystem in mobile parking, mobile marketing and pioneering the regulatory framework of SMS shortcodes as early as 2001. After leading Ireland’s introduction to mobile marketing his involvement has moved into the mobile CS and PS core network. He is currently CEO at Cellusys whose systems at the centre of controlling mobile networks signaling, for security, roaming and IoT serving over 700 million subscribers globally.

Diego Conforti - Digital Virgo

I am Diego Conforti, CCO of Digital Virgo with more than 20 years of experience in the telecom ecosystem on various territories. As such, I propose my candidacy to the MEF Global Board. Voting for me, it’s voting for a dedicated team of 700 people worldwide which compose our group. We are strategically positioned at the heart of an ecosystem made up with Operators, Merchants and Digital Advertising Platforms. We connect these players to meet their main challenges: optimize payment, monetize contents, services and audiences and ensure performance through mobile marketing campaigns. This global overview of the entire value creation process and our geographic footprint in line with the MEF makes me eligible to work with you in driving the Mobile Ecosystem to a great future.

Ira Cohen - MMD Smart
MD Business Development & Marketing

“Coopetition” has been a recurring mission throughout my career.

In 2001, along with some of the biggest names in mobile, we founded, the Israel Mobile Association, to create a forum for the rapidly growing mobile ecosystem. Our launch event attracted an audience of 1200 people. I then served as its chairman for 3 successive terms, and learned the efficacy of an organic ecosystem.

Since then I’ve served on various committees including the GSMA Associate Members Group, and the industry standards committees for advanced SIM cards. As Chairman of the Israel BT SIG, I successfully lobbied parliament committees and ministry officials to authorize civilian use of Bluetooth frequencies.

I first joined MEF in the mid 2000’s. A decade later, when MMDSmart began developing its enterprise messaging platform, it too joined MEF, to help propel our new business forward on the global stage.

Since joining MEF, we have “sold” the benefits to many prospects, been active in the preparatory and editing stages of MEF initiatives, and worked with MEF management to elevate mobile messaging in the digital marketing world.

We’ll continue this work, and assist the MEF executive team in enhancing member services through education and marketing. We’ll also continue to evangelize embracing new technologies and business methods that can propel our market’s development.

Anurag Aggarwal - Tata Communications
Associate Director - Messaging Services

Anurag Aggarwal heads the commercial arm of Tata Communications’ Messaging Business and has played a significant role in steering the service over a growth trajectory ever since it’s inception. His internal mandate includes carrier relations, enterprise connect and strategic partnerships. He is part of the leadership arm of the Tata Group and his work experience spans over a decade including exposure to varied sectors such as telecommunications, steel, chemicals, power and the retail industry.

Based in Delhi (India), Anurag has been an active member of MEF and has been involved in areas such as Best Practice Sharing, Fraud Mitigation and Code of Conduct. He envisions MEF to grow in a step function and play a much bigger role in the industry beyond the Forum’s current footprint and reach. Coming from a well-known Carrier that has services spanning across Voice, Data, Signaling, IoT (over and above mobility), he believes there is tremendous scope for synergy and collaboration.

As a MEF Board Member, he wants to effectively leverage on these organizational relationships and actively get MEF to work with some of the other largest industry forums that have similar goals in the telecom space of creating best practice frameworks, building knowledge repositories and Codes of Conduct and overall strengthening MEF’s network connect.

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