MEF Global Board Candidates 2018

MEF Global Board Members play an active leadership role in contributing to the direction of the organisation, helping MEF to champion and develop global programmes across an international ecosystem while delivering value to Members.

Anders Evju - Cinarra Systems

SVP Business Development

Anders Evju has established himself as a sought-after mobile industry expert by understanding how the complex ecosystem works together on a world-wide level -- technology, data, mobile network operators, consumers, and how the legal underpinnings of different geographical areas impact the landscape. He is currently leading the global expansion of SoftBank funded Cinarra Systems. As SVP of Business Development and Strategic Partners, he is focused on Location Analytics and Data Monetization for Mobile Network Operators.

A recognized executive and thought leader with over 20 years of experience in strategic development & operations, he has a well-documented track record of accelerating companies and building performance-driven teams based on a teamwork culture. Among Anders’ greatest accomplishments are building and selling mobile game companies I-play and Playphone as well as overseeing the US and Latin American territories for streaming music provider Rhapsody/Napster.

Anders is known to “get things done” and wishes to apply his extensive wireless background working with Mobile Content and Mobile Network Operators to help MEF drive strategic growth and recognition in the US market. He has a great understanding of MEF’s offerings and value proposition, and he believes it is an important initiative to further grow the US market through generating new strategic partnerships and improving existing ones. Besides helping MEF increase the visibility of its US presence, Anders believes that privacy of the consumer is of critical importance and is looking forward to drive GDPR initiatives in the US over the next years with MEF actively involved where applicable.

Anders has been on the Board of Trustees at Chapin School (Princeton, NJ) for the past 6 years and has acted as advisor to numerous start-up companies in the past 10 years.

Anders frequently speaks at industry events around the world, including Mobile World Congress, CES, Games Developer Conference, E3, Casual Connect and more.

Jason Lunn - IMImobile Intelligent Networks

SVP Commercial

Following a successful career within Infracast for over 8 years, I have continued with my passionate approach to high quality messaging within IMImobile, now being responsible for connectivity for the billions of personalised communications which are transmitted by the IMImobile group to consumers every year.

This volume has been earned by applying the ethos of MEF and focussing on high quality routes to give the best quality of service to business customers and building their confidence. We are now in our 4th year of active MEF membership and have introduced many others to the forum with the goal of improving the messaging eco-system for the benefit of all.

Most recently I have being heavily involved in bringing the UK mobile operators together to ensure a future successful outcome with MEF for the ‘Smishing’ initiative. This initiative feels closer than ever to approval and implementation and will be a major step forward in maintaining trust in messaging.

Should I be elected to the MEF Global board I would continue to take a leading role in driving the continued growth and success of the evolving messaging market at a time when brand and consumer reassurance are more critical than ever.

Waheed Adam - iTouch Messaging Services

Executive Chairman

My election campaign in 2017 spoke of building bridges in the African Continent, bringing more awareness of MEF, and engaging with potential MEF members…

The question then is, what have I achieved?

1) I have successfully enrolled a few companies, one a global player in the telco space (TATA), and more locally, one in Nigeria too. I am also confident other efforts will result in many more joining across the African Continent.
2) There are numerous reasons why MEF cannot be present in all regions, or even more importantly in each country at all times which is why I am driving the concept of a “member-led” organisation, which I am sure is not the first time it has been initiated in MEF. Members would drive the country/region in a sustainable and intended format set out by the Global Board. This would automatically deliver far more relevant value to members in each country/region, add far more “MEF” impact globally, and ultimately result in member retention.

The first such “member-led” initiative driven by me is the collaboration formed with WASPA (Wireless Application Services Provider) in South Africa. To do business in SA it becomes mandatory to become a member of WASPA and as of 2018, it has over 400 members. This collaboration has many benefits, but to name a few: it becomes a feeder program for MEF membership, it becomes a local source for reliable information for MEF initiatives and it adds to the member value offering in the local territory, thus increasing retention.

In conclusion, I don’t take the opportunity of sitting on the Board lightly as with it comes the responsibility of ensuring that we as forerunners determine our collective future. However, it is key that all stakeholders must be invited to participate to create the real value for members and it is therefore the Boards responsibility to set the stage. This requires a paradigm shift within and I intend to assist to achieve this.

Daniel Preiskel - Preiskel & Co


Danny is a MEF EMEA Board Member and co-founder of Preiskel & Co, a leading boutique TMT-specialised City law firm. He has been a proactive supporter of MEF since advising on its legal establishment in 2001.

He is particularly valuable to MEF as part of the Consumer Trust Initiatives over recent years. He also provided the valuable legal input into the updated MEF PSD2 Guide and advised MEF on legal aspects of MEF seeking to create and adopt a GDPR Code of Conduct. He has been contributing his legal insights into MEF’s important Consumer Trust Initiative, having contributed the UK laws regulatory section to MEF’s App Privacy Initiative. Danny would be pleased to make the following contributions as Board Director:

• Legal and regulatory support in consumer trust, especially as regards GDPR;
• Bringing the benefit of a broader perspective as it impacts the mobile content & commerce business, using his extensive experience of advising across the industry;
• Support recruitment of MEF members;
• Help ensure MEF and members are strongly positioned with regulators.

Surash Patel - RealNetworks


Surash leads the RealNetworks business in EMEA with over 25 years of experience in telecommunications. Prior to RealNetworks, Surash worked at mGage, holding roles of Chief Strategy Officer & COO for Europe. Surash was instrumental in helping mobile marketing company Velti through its meteoric growth and Nasdaq listing, where he led global operational teams. Previous employers have included KPMG, Accenture, O2 and BT where Surash held consulting and business development roles. Surash graduated with an MBA from London Business School and a BEng(Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Brunel University. Surash is also Chair of a Charity; Binti International, which promotes Menstrual Dignity for Women worldwide.

Surash is an active participant of MEF’s Future of Messaging Programme, most recently helping drive MEF’s project in the UK to mitigate smishing/spoofing via a trial with MNOs, banks and Government agencies. The goal is to protect consumers from harm and addresses a problem which not only creates a bad reputation for messaging, but also costs the industry £millions per year.

'I am most interested in understanding how the players in our industry create value for its participants from MNOs, through aggregators to enterprise customers and consumers. With my strong business, operational and consulting background, I believe that I am ideally placed to represent MEF at industry forums and deliver desired outcomes whilst rallying MEF members with a strong call to action. This I feel is essential as we see the market growing and transforming through the use of AI and introduction of services such as RCS.'

Teniola Stuffman - VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd

Executive Director, Business Development & Marketing

Teni is a co-owner of VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd and the current Group Executive Director, Business Development & Marketing. She has a strong managerial experience in Business management, IT operations, strategic planning and communications. Teni has been the driving force behind the current leading position of VAS2Nets Technologies Ltd in the business development arena in Nigeria. She has over 10 years experience and has in-depth knowledge of convergent communications technology. She has managed several VAS projects and its implementations in Nigeria and abroad including Fintech services, mobile Health, which was recognized by GSMA March, 2015 at the Mobile World Congress, mAgri, FINTECH projects and many more.

Teni is a young, talented, self-motivated, enthusiastic person, who is not content to rest on her achievements, but instead is always seeking new opportunities like joining MEF Global board to work on policies and initiatives concerning Mobile community. With proven track record in providing leadership, instructional resources and services for her several institutions within the African space, she is looking forward to working with team of MEF Global Directors as its board member to provide sustainable policies that will trickle down faster to developing economies and help boost financial inclusion.