Tony Anscombe

VP Product Compliance and Industry Relationships, Avast

Tony Anscombe is VP Product Compliance and Industry Relationships / Senior Security Evangelist, at Avast, a global leader in digital security products for consumers and businesses.

Tony has over 20 years of technology experience and leadership in the consumer and enterprise security industry and at Avast, is responsible for driving the company’s security commitment and informing the vision, application and impact of its products and services for consumers, small and mid-size businesses and channel partners.

In his industry capacity, Tony is Chief Marketing Officer at Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO). He also sits on the board of FOSI (Family Online Safety Institute), and is an advisory board member for the Clean Software Alliance (CSA).

Tony has been involved with MEF for five years, from proactive participation in the working group which developed AppPrivacy, part of MEF’s Mobile Initiative, to the exclusive sponsorship of MEF’s Consumer Trust Report in 2013 and 2014. He continues to be an advocate for enabling consumer choice and privacy by participating in MEF’s working groups on these topics over the years.

2017 will be a critical year for mobile with the uptake in IoT for consumers and businesses – and the corresponding uplift in security threats aimed at IoT devices that we witnessed in 2016. Tony believes MEF’s ‘Trust Framework’ to be an important initiative in preparing industry to enable and maximise the potential of IoT and mobile services for consumers.

Ray Anderson

CEO, Bango

Ray is a passionate advocate of the power of open ecosystems. He evangelized personal computers through work at Acorn on the BBC micro in 80’s, championed an Open GUI for the UnixOS as CEO of IXI and in the X Consortium and X/Open. IXI sponsored the first WWW conference at CERN in 1994 and evangelized the WWW ecosystem against resistance from monolithic interests. He co-founded Bango, to spread web to mobile, contributing an open and easy way to enable payment. Launching initiatives such as iLoveMobileWeb and the approach that became PayForIt, Ray contributed to the demise of walled gardens and the emergence of an open ecosystem to enable innovation and scale.

Ray has been a long term supporter of MEF through his role as CEO of Bango which joined MEF in 2014 and also his personal contribution to MEF initiatives around promotion of entertainment on Mobile in 2002; safeguarding consumers in 2005 and development of MEF codes of practice to enable a safer and more open ecosystem.

As an elected member of the MEF Board, Ray would apply his experience and expertise in building and growing ecosystems and use his skills and vision to help MEF cut though confusion and seize the initiative. Ray expects to use his contacts to leverage various international funding sources and resources – several in the Cambridge tech cluster – to support MEF initiatives.

Filipe Roup Rosa

Business Development Director, Boku

Over the past 15 years I have been working in Mobile Value Added Services, mainly in Latin America. During that period I was appointed General Manager and Chairman of MEF LatAm as well as Vice-Chair on the MEF Global Board.

Since 2009, as MEF LatAm founder and General Manager, I’ve worked passionately providing MEF with consistent support and guidance. During my term, MEF has grown and expanded its footprint in the region becoming the second largest chapter in terms of active members.

During that period we successfully launched local initiatives such as the VAS Code of Conduct which is a global reference, as well as several regional events (Sao Paulo, Miami) that helped build a strong community of highly committed member companies.

From 2013, onwards I was appointed MEF LatAm Chairman working proactively with the Global and Finance Boards focusing on growth initiatives and introducing new members such as Avast and Gemalto.

If re-elected, MEF will benefit from my deep knowledge over MEF’s Global activities, my ‘know-how’ and ‘know-who’ in the mobile industry, along with my commitment and entrepreneurial skills.

I intend to work hard supporting MEF’s initiatives specially the Consumer Trust while helping deliver a strong value proposition to our members.

Currently I work as Business Development Director at Boku, one of the largest mobile payment players in the industry.

Rob Malcolm

VP Marketing & Online Sales, CLX Communications

Rob has worked at the heart of the mobile ecosystem since 2003 as a key driving force behind Mblox’s growth before they were ultimately acquired by CLX last year.  Rob currently holds a senior position at CLX Communications, one of the largest cloud communications companies in the world.

Rob is passionate about the API economy, Cloud Communications, Internet of Things, mobile monetization, and the importance of the mobile ecosystem working together to create valuable, secure and seamless services on a global scale.

Rob joined the MEF board in late 2015 and over the last year has played a significant role in several key initiatives including –

  • Advising on Future of Messaging programme’s direction and deliverables
  • Bottoms up review of the MEF strategy, pricing, and strategic partnerships.
  • Review of board membership structure and bylaws

Rob has spoken at numerous conferences and events on MEF’s behalf highlighting the progress of the Future of Messaging program, supporting the recruitment of members and evangelising the benefits of MEF.

An advocate of the ‘more action and fewer words philosophy’ (although this hasn’t helped his golf game), he is passionate about the important role that MEF can play in building a sustainable mobile ecosystem.   If re-elected he looks forward to playing a key role in the important initiatives outlined above.

Julian Ranger

Exec Chairman & Founder,

Julian has over 30 years experience in the networks, data and interoperability business, firstly in the military internet domain where he built his business STASYS to be the leader in military interoperability worldwide before selling to Lockheed Martin, and more recently with is a leader in the emerging personal data ecosystem, enabling individuals to build their own 100% private digital libraries of all their personal data to fully own and control its sharing with apps/businesses whilst allowing businesses to get Rich permissioned data otherwise unavailable.

Julian has been working closely with the MEF to advance its core contribution to the personal data space and interoperability needs; enabling businesses to successfully take advantage of the transition to personal ownership of data.  As part of this activity, Julian has

  • Contributed to a major submission to the EU’s Horizon 2020 funding which would allow MEF to undertake trials and research.
  • Introduced MEF to potential strategic partners such as Kantara,  Swiss Re and others
  • Promoted MEF and the Consumer Trust initiative to key personal data holders and innovators.

If elected, Julian will focus on ensuring that MEF’s Consumer Trust initiative develops as the ‘doers group’ vis-à-vis other industry efforts – delivering value to members whilst addressing industry imperatives around research, interoperability and new use cases.  He will support the Executive with dedicated introductions and business ideas to identify investment and partners to support these crucial activities.

Andrew Bud

Founder and CEO, iProov

Since its founding, Andrew has been a passionate and committed advocate for MEF and the industry. He has served as a director since 2001 and as Global Chair since 2008. He cares deeply about growing the value that MEF delivers to its members and the influence it can offer in a changing industry, and ensuring that MEF is governed to the highest standards.

Since re-election to the Board in 2015, he has concentrated on three areas: pivoting MEF’s Consumer Trust agenda to address relevant new opportunities in the personal data and identity ecosystem; actively working with the Executive on their growth and financial goals; and undertaking the fiduciary and governance leadership of the Board.

Andrew is excited to work with the Global Board to guide the growth of a focused, member-driven association, relevant to the rapidly changing mobile ecosystem.

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of iProov, an acclaimed leader in highly secure biometric identity authentication for mobile transactions (a MEF-qualified start-up). He is also the Non-Executive Chair of IOT business Passiv Systems, and is an FCA CF2 regulated director for ETX Capital. He was Founder, CEO and Executive Chairman of mBlox. He was a non-executive director of the UK regulator Phonepay Plus for three years. He dedicates at least two days a month to MEF, and intends to continue this commitment.

Suhail Bhat

Group Director, Entertainment, Digital and Financial Services, Ooredoo Group

Suhail Bhat has been a leading contributor to the growth and progress of Ooredoo’s Digital business since 2011 and oversees the development of Digital services across Ooredoo Group in their 10 markets for mobile thus enhancing customer experience for Ooredoo’s 130+ Million subscriber base. His focus is on making Ooredoo the starting point for digital consumption and optimizing data profitability using Content, strategic partnerships, mobile advertising and mobile financial services.

Suhail is also currently a member of the MEF Global Board and will be leading on sponsored data project from strategy to implementation models. During his tenure on the Global Board, he has championed policy and initiative projects most relevant to emerging markets such as providing guidance on a code of conduct and more generally on evolving MEF’s governance. He has also provided a steer on areas of opportunity and focus for emerging markets to strengthen MEF’s position.

With over 17 years of experience in the Telecom industry, Suhail is also an expert in regulatory matters, serving as a Policy Advisor for Phoneplay Plus (The UK Regulator) before joining MEF as Director of Policy and Initiatives where he was crucial in bringing different opposing players to the table to produce industry changing pieces such as the VAS Code of Conduct in Brazil, The Smart Enablers Guide, The M-Commerce guide and the Mobile TV Best Practice Guide to name a few.

James Lasbrey

Global Business Leader, Wholesale SMS, Telefonica

Over the past two years, I have worked hard to support all of MEF’s initiatives and make sure Telefonica contributes actively to create a much better trade association for our members. We have an active role in each MEF product work stream and attend all the main conferences in Europe and LATAM. Today, Telefonica have active directors on the Global, EMEA and LATAM Boards.

In 2016, I worked with the MEF team to create and launch the ‘Global Messaging Programme’ to drive collaboration across our ecosystem and deliver value for existing and new members. I also have introduced a number of important members such as Infinite Convergence and Twilio into MEF and facilitated a partnership with ‘Messaging and SMS World’ conference in London.

In 2016, I was appointed Vice Chair for MEF and I am a member of the finance committee and Global board. In this capacity I work with the MEF Chairman, CEO and fellow vice chair members to make sure that MEF continues to deliver value for all its members.

I passionately care about MEF and have been proactive to contribute new ideas and engage with fellow members in an open and collaborative way. I would like to contribute more and plan to specifically focus on MEF’s strategic growth and value creation if I am re-elected.

In Telefonica, I am the Global head of messaging and hold board advisor positions for Wefarm and a number of other WAYRA start-ups.