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MEF Connects Wholesale 2024 – On Demand


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MEF CONNECTS Wholesale 2024 is back on the agenda of MEF events for the 6th consecutive year!  Our 2024 edition focusses on future paths for wholesale and cover topics such as the current and future developments of the wholesale messaging market, market updates and insights into the deployment and challenges around 5G roaming, disrupting technologies enabling wholesale future growth, network APIs and wholesale commercial models and IoT business & impact on wholesale, including permanent roaming.

Wholesale Outlook

  • Suzy Menneret, Wholesale Programme Director – MEF
  • Julian Watson, Principal Analyst, Wholesale Telecoms – Omdia

To kick start the day, Julian Watson will lead us through evolving customer requirements that shape current and likely to impact future mobile wholesale innovative patterns. Amongst these, Omdia will look into roaming and travel mobility trends.

Voice and Messaging: learning from each other to restore trust

  • James Williams, Vice President Business Development – XConnect
  • Eli Katz, Founder and CEO – Xconnect
  • Jason Lunn, Global Connectivity, CPaaS – Cisco
  • Guillaume Klein, VP Product Management – iBasis
What voice and messaging can learn from each other as we try to restore trust in each channel
The communications industry is desperately trying to stay one step ahead of fraudsters, to protect stakeholders and the revenue voice and messaging channels bring alike.
There’s lots of hard work going on in both sectors to address these existential threats, and during our session we’ll be investigating:
– What small practical steps the voice and messaging industries can take to protect their stakeholders
– What they can learn from each other in how they’re combating their respective challenges
– What the biggest challenges they face are and how can they can go about overcoming them
Join our panel of experts as they share their experience and learnings with you.

In Conversation with Orange Wholesale: A visionary approach to Wholesale Innovation

  • Dario Betti, CEO – MEF
  • Emmanuel Rochas, CEO Orange Wholesale International – Orange

Join Dario Betti and Emmanuel Rochas as they talk about the trends that will shape up the wholesale industry in the years to come, and how to best prepare organizations to tackle them. In this exchange, we will address the shifts in technology such as the digitization of the business and the increasing use of AI that impact or support the industry. We will look at the today’s priorities including connectivity requirements to support future growth, 5G SA rollout, network and communications API development and how to deliver a seamless digital end-to-end customer experience when it comes to wholesale services. Last but not least, we will consider future opportunities for long term growth: Wholesale as a Platform, 5G Core network as a Service and Direct to Device satellite solutions.

Does the downfall of A2P SMS Actually Matter?

  • Suzy Menneret,  Wholesale Advisor – MEF
  • Catalin Badea, VP Product Management – Netnumber
  • Glyn Povah, Global Product Development – Telefonica
  • Olly Brough, SVP Sales and Marketing – Trusona
  • Taha Jiwahi, Founder and CEO – Beem
In this session, hear from netnumber, a global authority on mobile innovation and phone number intelligence data, alongside multiple MNO panelists, as they discuss the drivers of the new mobile landscape and how the transition away from A2P SMS is affecting mobile providers and players. Gain insights into how to remain successful in a changing future — including how to adopt alternatives, go beyond pure aggregation and add value with key opportunities from MNOs and messaging apps alike.

Defeating the bot and ensuring the message chain

  • Ron Bonnici, VP Pre Sales & Product Manager – HAUD
  • Joanna Kuligowska, Head of Global Market Intelligence & Managed Services – HAUD

The A2P monetization industry faces a set of unique challenges: the need to balance robust security and enforcement measures against the backdrop of the rapidly evolving technological landscape and the rise of fake A2P SMS traffic that affects the entire value chain, from mobile operators to SMS service providers, brands, and consumers. AIT is costing businesses significant operational expenditure, expediting the erosion of A2P revenues, and driving the evolution of bypassing mobile operators in the future. By initiating next-generation technology that assures A2P messaging. Including ensuring subscriber authenticity, validating authentic messaging, and boosting messaging revenue through monetizing messaging assurance. These efforts safeguard the long-term A2P and P2A business opportunities, HAUD’s solution enables businesses to effectively defeat the bot and maintain the integrity of the messaging chain.

RCS, Authentication APIs, Conversational AI: will they reshape the future of the wholesale messaging business?

  • Sam Barker, VP of Telecoms Market Research – Juniper Research
  • Asad Khan, Head of Global Presales – Telarix
  • Dana Mansour, Messaging Wholesale Team Leader – Monty Mobile
  • Igor Skutsenya, Senior Business Development Manager – Lanck Telecom
The wholesale messaging landscape is rapidly evolving . In this session, we are aiming at exploring major developments impacting the current and future messaging landscape. These include:
– Fraud over SMS and its current outlook
– The growth of RCS and Apple’s support
– Authentication / Identity APIs
– Conversational AI – beyond the hype to a clear long term road

MEF DATA: The Opportunity for the Wholesale Ecosystem

  • Suzy Menneret, Wholesale Advisor – MEF
  • Gavin Patterson, Director of Data – MEF

MEF is developing a large set of market data that can support you in making informed decisions for your wholesale business. In 15 minutes, Gavin Patterson will outline the current data availability and ongoing research we will be making available to you, and where to find this valuable information.

Roaming, IoT, Network APIs, where are we?

  • Suzy Menneret, Wholesale Advisor – MEF
  • Steffen Sorrell, Chief of Research – Kaleido Intelligence

Come and join us for this introductory session of the topics that will be covered over the second half of the conference This session will bring you up to speed with the latest market developments impacting the wholesale industry in the areas of roaming, IoT and network APIs.

Shifts impacting the roaming industry

  • Gilbert Relou, Head of Consultancy and Strategic Development – Kaleido Intelligence
  • Alberto Carro-Melero, Head of Market Intelligence & B2B – Telefónica
  • Mihaela Ambrozie, Head of Operations – Vodafone Voice & Roaming Services – Vodafone
  • Kathiravan Kandasamy, VP of Product Management – Syniverse
  • Prakash Kumta Mohandas, Director Voice and Roaming – Ooredoo
  • Brendan Cleary, CEO – Cellusys

In this session, we will deep dive into what keeps the industry awake at night when it comes to roaming including VoLTE, 5G SA deployments, 5G technical and commercial model development, and roaming monetization.

The future of Wholesale IoT

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, IoT Program Director – MEF
  • Andrew Parkin-White, Co-founder – TecFutures
  • Joseph Ajay, CTO and Head of IOT – iBasis
  • Luc Vidal-Madjar, Head of IoT and MVNE Solutions – BICS
  • Jimmy Jones, Head of Security – Zariot
In this session, we’ll explore how IoT is reshaping the landscape of wholesale connectivity, driving opportunities and challenges for telcos and businesses alike.

Mobile Evolution: Can Wholesale leverage the network API opportunity?

  • Doug Makishima, Advisor – MEF
  • Cedric Gonin, VP Global Business Support – Orange Wholesale International
  • Lee Suker, Head of Authentication and Number Information – Sinch
  • Eddie DeCurtis, CEO an Co-Founder – Shush

Mobile operators are transforming their networks into open, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platforms via standardized APIs, enabling new applications and creating new monetization opportunities. Exposing network services externally to enterprises and app developers enables new services and also improves the user experience and security for existing applications. What are the implications and opportunities of Network APIs for Wholesale?