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MEF CONNECTS Mobile IoT – On Demand


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MEF CONNECTS Mobile IoT explores how the Internet of Things is transforming our lives. From the latest trends and innovations to the future potential of IoT, this event will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and case studies to provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of IoT technology. This event is perfect for anyone interested in the future of technology and the impact it will have on our lives. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the latest trends, this event is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Opening Remarks and Introduction

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Director IoT – MEF

Keynote Speaker: The Future of IoT

Our keynote speaker will discuss the latest trends, innovations, and predictions for the future of IoT.

  • Khaled ElShabrawy, Government and Smart Cities Lead (UAE) – Microsoft

Fireside Chat: The Future of Private 5G in the IoT

In this session, we will explore the exciting prospects of private 5G networks in the realm of the Internet of Things (IoT). We will delve into the key questions surrounding private IoT networks, the advantages that 5G brings to the table, emerging business models, and the challenges hindering private 5G deployments.

  • James Moar, Principal Analyst – Kalleido Inteligence
  • Christian Wagner, Managing Partner – BAYFU
  • Curtis Govan, Americas President – floLIVE
  • Javier Martinez Borreguero, Industry 4.0 Head – Telefonica

Analyst IoT Market Review – What Enterprises Want, Beyond Connectivity

Industry Analyst Andrew Parking White from Tecfutures, will discuss how IoT is transforming businesses across industries and what it means for the future of work.

  • Andrew Parkin-White, Founding Partner – TecFutures

A Panel Discussion: Designing for IoT

In this panel discussion Designing for IoT, we will offer a comprehensive exploration of the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in designing for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. As the IoT continues to shape and revolutionize various industries, this panel brings together industry experts and technologists to discuss the intricacies of designing products and experiences for the interconnected world. By addressing key considerations such as user experience, security, interoperability, and scalability, the panelists will share insights and real-world examples that showcase effective design strategies for IoT applications.

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Director IoT – MEF
  • Peter Johnson, MConnected – CEO
  • Mathias Muehlfeld, VP Revenue Operations – EMnify
  • Gabriel Salvate, Director Strategy Business Development – BICS
  • Nick Earle, CEO – Eseye

Case Study: Sustainability in the Energy Sector

Our Case Study: Sustainability in the Energy Sector, aims to delve into the multifaceted and critical aspects of sustainability within the energy industry. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change and the urgent need to transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, this session presents a comprehensive analysis of a compelling case study highlighting sustainable practices in the energy sector.

During this presentation and fireside chat we will share insights and experiences in implementing sustainable strategies within the energy sector, showcasing innovative approaches, best practices, and lessons learned that have propelled sustainable development in the energy industry.

  • Nassia Skoulikariti, Director IoT – MEF
  • Gergana Schrack, Sales Manager Digital Power Services – Schneider Electric GmbH

Panel Discussion: IoT Security & Privacy

The discussion on IoT Security and Privacy, brings together a panel of experts to shed light on the crucial significance of security and privacy in IoT devices, as well as effective strategies to safeguard user data. As the proliferation of IoT devices continues to reshape our digital landscape, concerns surrounding data breaches, unauthorized access, and privacy violations have become paramount. This panel aims to address these challenges by exploring best practices, industry standards, and innovative approaches for ensuring the security and privacy of IoT systems. By sharing insights, real-world experiences, and expert recommendations, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting user data in the IoT ecosystem and acquire practical knowledge to implement robust security measures in their own IoT deployments.

  • Arun Dehiri, Managing Director – Red Dawn Consulting
  • Jimmy Jones, Head of Security – Zariot
  • Sridhar Ramachandran, Senior VP & Chief Technology Officer – Somos
  • Endrit Cola, EMEA Sales Manager – Wavely
  • Noah Rafalko, CEO – TSG Global

Private Mobile Networks: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Enterprises are increasingly using dedicated Private Mobile Networks to provide greater control and security for their on-site connectivity, particularly for IoT.

In this session, Industry Analyst Luke Pearce from CCS Insight will explore which industries and countries are leading the way for deployments, as well exploring key questions such as:

    • What are the main drivers and barriers to adoption across various sectors and industries?
    • Who are the key solution providers and partners?
    • How do private mobile networks compare to alternatives such as WiFi and public network slicing?
  • Luke Pearce, Senior Analyst, Incubation Projects – CCS Insights

IoT, Ethics & the Age-Aware Internet and The Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Are You Ready?

In this session, our speakers explore the ethical & cultural, regulatory, technological, and commercial considerations that executives and their companies need to keep in mind as they further their digital transformation and address new concepts like compliance, privacy, decentralized identity, Web 2.5 and 3.0, artificial intelligence, and more. This exploration will include a review of the ODI Data This Canvas, a deep discussion of child privacy requirements, parental controls, and new and emerging technologies. You’ll learn not only how to comply with regulations but also on how to do the right thing.

  • Michael Becker, PD&I Advisor – MEF
  • Lucy Knight, Co-founder & Data Lead – The Data Place
  • Denise G. Tayloe, CEO & Co-Founder – PRIVO

 Closing Keynote: Smart, Secure, and Sustainable I/IoT

Join Diana Kelley, CISO for Protect AI, Inc., as she explains the 5 indisputable facts of I/IOT security and then provides practical guidance for deploying and protecting I/IOT devices smartly, sustainably and securely. Join us to learn about: o Importance of network segmentation o OTA updates o Controls for privileged and remote access o Issues with hard coded and default passwords o Hardware root of trust o Resilient ML and AI for I/IOT.

  • Diana Kelley, Protect AI – CISO