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Technology providers and global enterprise brands uncover the latest trends shaping the mobile ecosystem for both businesses and consumers. Dive into the future of AI, messaging, and fraud prevention through a diverse range of keynote speakers and panel sessions.

The exponential rise of rich mobile messaging

  • Gavin Patterson, Director of Data – MEF

Join this session to see the findings from MEF’s 2024 Business Messaging Survey which highlights the impact of Whatsapp, RCS (Google / Apple rich messaging) and fraud are having on consumer usage for voice, text/SMS and email messaging.

The Messaging Mix: Navigating The Future of SMS, RCS, and OTT

  • Elisha Sudlow-Poole, Senior Research Analyst – Juniper Research
The business messaging market is rapidly undergoing transformation, with innovation of messaging technologies driving the development of new services that enable enterprises to communicate with their customers. Over the last 12 months, the messaging landscape has evolved, with the technologies in the market moving at an unprecedented rate between SMS, RCS and OTT. Specifically, with the increase of AIT (Artificially Inflated Traffic) posing significant disruption to the demand for SMS, as well as other emerging authentication channels, significant amount of traffic is migrating to competing channels such as RCS and OTT messaging apps.

What can brands learn from other brands – how are brands benefiting from Number Intelligence?

  • Tim Ward, Chief Strategy Officer – XConnect 

Number information has been used by A2P players for many years, but now brands are using number intelligence directly within their own systems. Why are they doing it?

We will go through a few examples –
  • Protecting themselves against the fraudsters
  • Improving call and messaging success rate
  • Validation and regulatory compliance

Unlocking the Future: Evolution and Transformation of Business Messaging Beyond SMS and Email

  • Filippo Percario, Director global partnership – Mitto 
  • Catherine Maguire, Product Manager – BT
  • Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer – Rakuten Viber
  • Alex Nourouzi, Sales Director – Dogto
  • Vova Gerneshii, Product Director Enterprise – GMS

In this panel, we explore the dynamic landscape of business messaging, tracing its evolution from traditional SMS and email to cutting-edge communication platforms. Delve into the transformative impact of emerging technologies, the rise of omnichannel communication strategies, and the role of AI and automation. Gain insights into how businesses are adapting to these changes to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive growth in the digital age. Join us as we envision the future trajectory of business messaging and its profound implications for enterprises worldwide.

Fortifying Digital Trust: The Role of Known Sender in Securing European Messaging

  • John Bruner, President and CEO – Aegis Mobile
The need for solid identity verification and meticulous risk analysis to establish trust is more critical than ever. This presentation will draw on valuable insights from the US market and examine their relevance and application in European and UK settings, offering valuable insights from John Bruner, CEO of Aegis Mobile.

AI – The Road Ahead

  • Peter Morgan, Head Tutor on Oxford AI course and Founder & CEO of Deep Learning Partnership

Generative AI has been grabbing all the headlines lately. But is this the only kind of AI and how does it work with apps running on mobile devices? In this talk we’ll take a look at how we got here, and why we should definitely be paying attention to GenAI and AI developments in general. We will look at what to expect in the coming months and years, and how the mobile industry will be impacted, along with every other area of our lives.

 Can mobile operators still make money from messaging three years from now?

  • Nick Lane, Chief Messaging Officer & Messagologist – Mobilesquared
  • How is the turbulence in A2P SMS in 2024 impacting its long term future?
  • What impact will WhatsApp have on mobile operator messaging opportunity?
  • Does RCS present long term messaging future for mobile operators?

Beyond the Chat App: How to Fix Fragmented Global Messaging

  • Dr. Marco Lafrentz, Vice President, Business and Market Development – Netnumber
In this presentation from Dr. Marco Lafrentz, VP of Business and Market Development for leading global phone number intelligence provider netnumber and MEF board member, attendees can expect to learn more about why SMS should be valued on a global scale for its inclusivity and availability.

Business Messaging Security, Proofpoint’s Perspective: A Different Type of Protection

  • Michael Blum, Director, Product Management, Cloudmark Division – Proofpoint

Join Michael Blum, Director, Product Management, Cloudmark Division, for an in-depth discussion on the true meaning of “protections” within the Commercial Messaging Ecosystem. This informative talk will include the overall landscape, maintaining trust in messaging, and challenges from alternative channels.

Innovative Experience: How XR on mobile is delivering new audience experiences

  • Alexander Jenkins, Executive Creative Director – Nexusstudio
Nexus Studio’s Executive Creative Director will offer an insight into their innovation driven projects. Collaborating with leading tech companies and brands, they explore and give shape to new and emergent ways of engaging with audiences.
Alex will discuss how Nexus has taken advantage of nascent tech to immerse audiences more deeply and build stronger emotional connections which, in turn, provides greater opportunities for brands to engage in more meaningful and valuable ways.