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Part one of a two-part White Paper from the MEF Personal Data & Identity Programme, ‘Identity & Authentication Today’ attempts to define the apparent ‘problem’ at the heart of User Identity.

Examining and explaining aspects of today’s Identity & Authentication sector that businesses need to understand to enable them to optimise their existing IAM processes to best effect, the paper also supplies practical, real-world steps and advice on how best they might achieve this.

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Topics covered include:

  • What is the Identity problem?

  • What is its impact on business?

  • Usability vs security

  • Data breaches

  • Identity & authentication globally

  • Why should my business care?

If you need to think about how your Customers engage with your business online, this paper will help you achieve a better understanding of the sector as we examine the key elements of Identity & Authentication.

The paper will help you de-mystify some of the complexity inherent in many of the key definitions and terminology in use, look at national identity solutions around the globe, examine the role that government and regulators should play, especially post-COVID-19, and examine the importance of today’s online user experience, what needs to change and much more besides…’

If you are a business currently wrestling with the problem of how best to efficiently optimise the balance between customer usability and the need for security in online transactions, in order that you remain competitive in the digital marketplace and provide a best-in-class customer UX, it is absolutely necessary that you acquire at least some of the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the sometimes murky waters of Digital Identity.

Iain McCallumMEF Advisor & Programme Director