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MEF once again takes entre stage in MWC for its Members, with the Future of Mobile Summit. Explore a ‘Vision of the future of personal data and identity management and a new path to value’ to the Future of Identity and Authentication, and onto the Future of Messaging.

MEFTV Speaks to the thought leaders sharing their vision during the Future of Mobile Summit in these exclusive interviews.

Bango explains its ‘digital vending machine’ concept

The world’s MNOs are sitting on a huge opportunity in the growing content subscriptions space. Bango can help them seize it. Anil Malhotra, co-founder and CMO of Bango, explains how in this MEF TV interview.

iProov on the unique power of facial biometrics

Analogue identity processes are not fit for purpose in an online world. But how can digital identity systems be made secure and convenient? Andrew Bud, co-founder and CEO of iProov, says it all comes down to the face. He explains why in this exclusive MEF TV video.

Why Viber is set to become a super app

Most users don’t want to manage dozens of apps. They would rather handle everyday tasks in a single location. So now the race is on to become one of these destinations. In other words – a super app. Noa Bar Shay, senior director of sales and partnerships at Ratuken Viber, explains why Viber has joined the race.

mFilterit asks: how do you know your customers are human?

Bots are everywhere. Some are good (Alexa, live chat). Most are bad. They are deployed by fraudsters to eat up ad budgets. Is there anything to be done? Yes, says Dhiraj Gupta, co-founder and CTO of mFilterit. He explains the problem and the potential fix in this MEFTV video.

xConnect explains why ‘who owns this phone number?’ is not a simple question to answer

In the modern economy, the phone number occupies a special place. It offers a unique, personal and direct channel to an individual. This makes ‘number look up’ extremely important for brands. But, wow, it’s complicated says Tim Ward, VP of number information services at xConnect.